Snapfish Review: Features, Pricing & More (2024)

Snapfish cloud storage review (2024)

The cheapest option for printing your images is Snapfish, where each 4-by-6 print costs 10 cents (which used to be 9 cents!). This is far less expensive compared to other softwares, such as Shutterfly, which is owned by the same firm but charges twice as much. Still, Snapfish prints aren’t the finest quality. Walmart Photo is a nice alternative for 14 cents for each print if you want better quality. Another alternative is the Nations Photo Lab, which offers the highest quality at the most competitive price.

Unlike other altenratives for free cloud storage for photos, like Dropbox, Snapfish editing tools, photo book creation, and other photo-related services.

Is Snapfish Worth the Cost?

As already mentioned, Snapfish is a very affordable option for printing your photos! Here’s a breakdown of their prices:

  • Small prints (4×6): Snapfish charges only 10 cents each, which is one of the cheapest prices you’ll find.
  • Medium prints (5×7): These cost just 69 cents each at Snapfish (which is the same as Amazon Prints).
  • Large prints (8×10): Snapfish charges $2.99 for these, while Amazon Prints charges $2.09 for the same size.

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Comparing Snapfish To Other Popular Options:

Given below is the comparison of Snapfish with other popular softwares such as Walmart Photo and Shutterfly:

  • Walmart Photo: Slightly more expensive than Snapfish, which charges 14 cents each for small prints. However, the quality of the picture delivered is superior.
  • Shutterfly: More expensive than Snapfish (20 cents each for small prints), but they offer free small prints if you order through their mobile app (you pay for shipping).

Putting Your Photos on Gifts and Cards

Snapfish offers more than simply photo printing on paper! You may use your imagination to create a variety of entertaining effects with your photos. You may get your favourite pictures printed on books, calendars, greeting cards (a vast range of patterns!), and even home décor items like blankets and cushions. Are you in a fun mood? Create a bespoke playing card deck, a puzzle using your image, or even a phone cover.

Although Snapfish offers a tremendous assortment, its rival, Shutterfly, has an even greater assortment, including items like shower curtains and dishes. It’s also important to remember that although Snapfish offers a large selection of holiday card designs, it might not be the most economical choice. Walmart Photo offers cards at a lower cost.

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Ordering Photos

It’s easy to order images with Snapfish. Although you may use their website without an account to get started, having an account allows you to keep track of your orders. Uploading images is quick and simple, and you may do it from your PC, Facebook, Instagram, or Google Photos. Most picture formats, including the space-saving HEIC/HEIF files, are supported by Snapfish. You may also use them to edit your photographs with simple features like cropping, brightness, and contrast.

Here are a few more points to consider:

  • Not many providers provide basic editing features like Snapfish.
  • Although they lack a shadow adjustment tool, their autocorrect functions can be useful.
  • Snapfish offers pickup alternatives at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and other places; however, postal delivery may cost you more.
  • The first shipping fee is $5.99, and the least expensive option may take up to two weeks.

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Ordering Through the Snapfish App

Using their fantastic software, Snapfish allows you to order pictures straight from your phone! You can purchase using the app and receive 100 FREE 4×6 prints monthly; all you have to pay for is postage. This offer is comparable to that of Shutterfly. 

As with the website, you may edit and share photographs with others using the app. However, to enjoy these features, you must first register. Compared to Shutterfly’s app, which requires a sign-in and prevents you from editing photographs or conveniently ordering different print sizes, and Walgreens’ app, which only takes an email address without an account, Snapfish’s app is particularly outstanding.

What We Think Of Snapfish

Snapfish prints are of a respectable, if not the greatest, quality. They may have a slightly blotchy appearance while having fine, crisp colors. This is less apparent in smaller prints (4x6s) and more obvious in bigger ones (8x10s).

This is how Snapfish stacks up against other services:

  • Packaging: Compared to other services, Snapfish employs a less protected cardboard package, a regular cardboard envelope.
  • Colors: Unlike some other services, Snapfish’s colors are decent without being too saturated.
  • Blotchiness: Larger Snapfish prints tend to appear more blotchy than smaller copies.
  • Paper: With a watermark on the reverse, Snapfish uses in-house paper. The option to print text or filenames on the back is not available.

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Snapfish Is a Fairly Good Catch

If you want to print your images for the least amount of money, Snapfish is a terrific option. Their pricing is amazing, and their website is user-friendly. Here’s a summary of how Snapfish stacks up against competing services:

Snapfish is best for the cheapest prints. However, here are some other alternatives that deliver better quality:

  • Walmart Photo offers better quality at a lower price (editors’ choice).
  • Nations Photo Lab is the Editor’s Pick for Best Overall Quality (Higher Price)
  • Walgreens Photo is the Best Editor Choice for Quick Pickup.

In a Nutshell

Snapfish is super cheap, easy to use, and even lets you edit photos. But the quality isn’t amazing (especially for larger prints). It’s perfect for budget-minded people who don’t need the absolute best. Otherwise, consider Walmart Photo for better quality or Nations Photo Lab for the best (but pricier) prints.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Snapfish used for?

Snapfish’s iOS and Android applications enable users to generate and purchase prints of cherished photographs, personalize photo mugs, craft elegant cards and invitations, and create custom photo books and canvas prints. Here are a few instances of what can be produced using our app.

Is Snapfish really free?

Snapfish provides 50 free 6×4″ prints each calendar month when you make orders through our Snapfish app. This equates to 600 prints annually, all at no cost to you!

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