Google Photos Review (2024)- Features, Pricing and More

Google Photos Review

Google Images is a one-stop shop for managing your images on your PC and phone. This is one of the best free cloud storage for photos that helps you arrange and back up your images automatically for security and even allows photo editing with a few simple clicks. Every Google Account offers 15GB of free storage, which is distributed among your Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. 

However, if you own a Pixel 5 or an older model, you’ll enjoy unlimited storage for photos and videos backed up from your device without any additional cost. Google Photos allows you to search images using subject matter, location, or item in an image. With little effort, the app can automatically add a creative touch to your images by automatically making artistic changes. 

Is Google Photos Affordable?

After you have consumed 15GB of free storage with your Google account, you can opt for one of the following paid plans:

  1. 100GB Plan- $1.99 per month
  2. 200GB Plan- $2.99 per month
  3. 2TB Plan- $99.99 per year

These prices are competitive compared to other cloud storage services. For instance, OneDrive costs $69.99 annually for 1TB of storage and includes Office productivity apps. Flickr offers unlimited full-resolution photo storage and community, organizing, and sharing features for $72.99 per year.

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Apple users can pay 99 cents monthly for 50GB storage or $9.99 monthly for 2TB in iCloud. However, Google Photos offers robust features and convenience, especially for Android users, making it a popular choice despite other competitive options in the market.

An Ultimate Google Photos Web Experience

Google Photos has a simple, easy-to-use online interface. Your pictures are shown as thumbnails arranged chronologically. You may access several categories, such as Photos, Explore, Sharing, and more, by using the menu on the left. Additionally, a search box at the top makes it simple to locate particular images. 

Your search may be refined by individuals, locations, media type (pictures, videos), and more. When you click on a picture, it opens in full-screen mode and displays information about the camera, file size, and location (if applicable). Generally, managing your images is easy using Google Images’ user-friendly, clutter-free online interface.

You can also resort to other alternatives like pCloud, Dropbox, Mylio, Internxt, etc.

Best Tool for Photo Adjusting and Enhancing

With Google Photos, photo editing is a breeze! Many tools are available to improve your photos. You may tweak parameters like brightness, contrast, and color balance in addition to the AI-powered automated choices. Additional features, including background blurring and portrait lighting, are available to Google One members. 

Although it lacks sophisticated capabilities, such as blemish removal, it has a respectable selection of fundamental changes and filters. You may need to check alternative software solutions like Adobe Lightroom if you’re searching for more sophisticated video editing tools or more creative editing capabilities. But Google Photos offers a robust and easy-to-use suite of tools for regular picture editing.

Why Should One Use Google Photos

Here are some reasons behind considering it as your photo storage software:

  • 15GB of free online storage
  • Free image-editing and organizing tools
  • Automatic enhancements for photos
  • Easy viewing and organizing features
  • Cross-platform availability
  • Strong editing capabilities
  • AI auto-creations
  • Editor’s Choice award winner

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Ordering Prints With Google Photos

Google Photos provides easy ways to print your photos. It lets you print individual photographs or whole albums for book publishing. The ordering interface is easy to use and offers basic editing features such as brightness, color, pop, and filter tweaks in addition to cropping capabilities. 

You can order 4×64 by six prints directly from Google Photos. You can also order 5×75 by seven and 8×108 by ten prints. After selecting the required parameters, enter a pickup location on a map and pay using your Google account. This feature is currently available only in Canada, the UK, the US, and the European Union countries. Same-day store pickup at select retailers is available only in the US.

Social and Sharing with Google Photos

While sharing images with Google Photos offers a perfect user interface, some social networking sites still have a little advantage. By making a shared album or sharing a link, you may share pictures with particular individuals. 

Google Photos lacks social networking capabilities, such as public likes and following users. On the other hand, shared albums allow comments, just like the previous Picasa service. You may share content on Facebook, Twitter, or by emailing a link to someone. Additionally, the app makes sharing recommendations based on the individuals you’ve recently shared photographs with rather than on potential viewers of the individual images.

The private Locked Folder functionality is their latest feature after the new release. New features exclusive to the Chromebook Plus and mobile apps have also come, such as Photo Stacks, which aggregates numerous shots of the same image. A revised Memories view, automated classification of screenshots and document photographs, Magic Eraser, which eliminates distracting persons and objects, Cinematic photos, which are pseudo-3D animations, and an enhanced Memories view are some of its new features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How safe are my images with Google Photos?

Right now, Google Photos is one of the safest solutions available for your images. Your photographs will be automatically backed up and kept safe. You can also create another picture backup if you are concerned that you could lose your pictures.

How does Google profit from Google Photos?

Google earns over $30 billion annually, primarily by providing free web services and leveraging data to facilitate targeted advertising. Although data from Google Photos isn’t used for advertisements, it has enhanced Google’s artificial intelligence algorithms’ ability to comprehend image content.

If you delete photos from your iPhone, will they be deleted from Google Photos?

Although the copies of your images and movies on your phone get erased if you delete them, you may still view your images and videos in the Google Photos app and

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