Mylio Cloud Storage For Photos Review – Features, Pricing, Etc. (2024)

Mylio Review

Are you tired of finding your pictures dispersed among websites like Facebook, Google Photos, Flickr, iCloud, Internxt, Dropbox and OneDrive? Do you wish all of your images to be retrieved from one platform? If so, Mylio might be the answer you’re looking for. Mylio Photos+ is a meticulously crafted digital asset management application that compiles your images from different sources into a single library that you can access via iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android applications. 

Users can effortlessly rate and tag their files with keywords, facilitating faster searches and filtering. Additionally, it features a robust digital editing suite, allowing users to enhance their photos before sharing them on social platforms.

Bridging Connections and Enhancing Interaction

Mylio Photos+ boasts a user-friendly interface that makes managing your photo collection a breeze. With a sleek, dark theme (similar to Lightroom), you can easily switch to a light gray option if that better suits your taste. Text size can also be adjusted for optimal comfort. Browsing through your photos is smooth and fast, allowing you to zoom in and out effortlessly. A well-organized side panel provides quick access to information about your photos, the people and locations captured in them, editing tools, and syncing options. 

Another panel on the left efficiently guides you through navigating folders, albums, and various ways to view your collection. This is one of the best free cloud storage for photos that not only lets you customize how you see your photos, but also comes with a zoom slider for fine-tuning the thumbnail size. Additionally, Mylio takes the extra step of importing your photo ratings from Flickr and displaying them on the thumbnails, along with any edits you’ve made, saving you time and effort.

Why Should You Opt For Mylio?

Mylio Photos+ is a digital asset management (DAM) software that’s designed to help you take complete control over your clips. Here are some reasons why one must opt for it:

  • Mylio Photos+ helps you organize, protect, and share photos and videos.
  • Improved search, categorization, and guided import for new users.
  • New features include family metadata, private storage, shared albums, and more storage options.
  • User interface improvements and new tools menu.
  • Enhancements like easier syncing, event searching, and photo categorization.

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Importing and Organizing

The first step is to import your images into Mylio Photos+. This includes clips and stills from your phone, hard drive, PC, or even social networking websites like Facebook, Flickr, and Lightroom. Mylio Photos+ offers additional functionalities, including a universal library that synchronizes files via cloud storage across mobile and desktop platforms. Furthermore, it includes the beneficial Photo DeDupe tool for efficient photo organization, potentially reclaiming significant storage space.

Mylio does not automatically upload your photographs to the cloud, unlike certain other services. By default, they remain on your hard disk. You must activate cloud backup to backup files to the cloud for additional security in the configuration. 

Best Photo Editing Tool

Mylio Images+ provides simple photo editing capabilities to improve your images. Certain parameters like exposure, contrast, white balance, sharpness, saturation, highlights, and shadows can be changed. Like Lightroom, it even includes some more sophisticated capabilities like Vibrance and Clarity settings. Color sliders may be used to adjust the intensity of the red, green, and blue filters in black-and-white edits. 

The ability to copy and paste adjustments between images is another useful feature. Although Mylio’s editing features are sufficient for simple modifications, experienced photographers would probably need more sophisticated tools such as Lightroom or DxO Optics Pro. Mylio, however, is still a viable choice if you’re new to picture editing or need rapid tweaks.

Is Mylio Worth Buying?

Mylio offers both free and paid versions of its software. The free version provides basic functionality, while the paid version, Mylio Photos+, offers additional features and storage options.

  • Mylio Photos (monthly subscription): $9.99/month
  • Mylio Photos (annual subscription): $99/year

You can download Mylio Photos+ and experience its full functionality through a complimentary 30-day trial period.

Here are some additional features of Mylio Photos+

  • Conserve storage by connecting to pre-existing files
  • Utilize metadata-based search to locate locations on maps
  • Synchronize files across desktop and mobile app versions
  • Modify various image attributes extensively
  • Abundant digital asset management (DAM) tools, including ratings and keywords
  • Establish user presets for swift editing operations

Fostering Collaboration through Mylio

Using Mylio photos+ to share photographs is simple. You may print them or share them via Facebook, Flickr, or email. You can make a new album or select an already-existing one when posting to Facebook. You may choose the file type (JPG, TIFF, or PNG) and resolution using Mylio when exporting or sending pictures. 

Although Mylio currently lacks a direct connection to picture printing providers like Walgreens or Snapfish, this functionality may be included in the future. 


Streamlining photo management across various platforms, Mylio offers a convenient solution for organizing, protecting, and sharing your images and videos. With its user-friendly interface, robust organizational tools, and simple editing capabilities, it simplifies the management of your digital media. 

While it may not have the advanced features of programs like Lightroom, Mylio is a versatile option for users seeking a comprehensive photo management solution. However, if cost is your top priority, Flickr is a free choice for synchronization. Adobe Lightroom is a superior option if you want comprehensive workflow and sophisticated editing. Mylio is a very new service; hence, new features and advancements are anticipated in the future.

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