Apple: AI Powered Health Coaching Services & Emotion Tracker Underway

Apple AI Powered Health Coaching Services & Emotion Tracker Underway


  • Apple is designing an AI health app to encourage users to exercise, improve eating habits and sleep patterns.
  • It is also developing an emotion tracking tool and health app for iPad in its upcoming iOS 17 update.
  • Apple will be hosting its developer conference, WWDC from 5th-9th June, 2023.

With innovation at its core, Apple is known for its unique products and services in the health sector. Its revolutionary apps and gadgets have assisted several individuals in tracking their health and even saved lives. Apple is yet again redefining possibilities in the realm of artificial intelligence by developing a comprehensive and personalized health coaching service and technology for tracking emotions using AI.

Codenamed ‘Quartz’, the AI-backed coaching service is designed to motivate users to exercise, eat better and improve their sleeping patterns. Apples’ health team is working in conjunction with Siri and AI teams to build these features, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

The service will utilise data from Apple watch using AI and create coaching programs tailoring to specific needs of every individual. Apple intend to release the paid version of the service in the upcoming year but there is a probability of it getting postponed or scraped off entirely if things don’t work out.

The primary objective underlying Apple’s efforts to push the coaching service is to keep health at the core of all apple devices, particularly the Apple Watch. The tech giant is also working towards developing a health app for the iPad and incorporating new features that could help users with poor vision.

Apple’s Quartz initiative is very similar to Singapore’s wellness and coaching service, LumiHealth which was launched in 2020. Apple’s update, however, will be in-house and subscription based unlike LumiHealth which rewarded users for staying healthy.

Apple is also planning to roll out an emotion tracker on the iPad version of the iPhone health app this year. This feature which is expected to be included in the iPadOS 17 that will be launched later this year, will enable users to log details about how they are feeling based on answering questions about their day and compare results over time.

The firm also plans on utilising algorithms to comprehend mood based on speech, text and additional data. Apple has also added a number of helpful features, such as safe listening features, headphone accommodations, sound recognition, and more, to aid individuals in monitoring and protecting their hearing health.

In order to aid in the exploration of new areas in heart health, Apple has also given Apple Watch units to international experts. Researchers can use Apple’s recently introduced Investigator Support Programme to advance understanding of the heart using Apple Watch devices.

In June, during Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, it’s expected to introduce a new iPad app as well as tools for controlling vision and emotion. The company’s planned mixed-reality headgear, which includes features like meditation and an optimised version of Apple’s Fitness+ fitness service, will also play a part in its health and wellness agenda.

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