Top 10 Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2024

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Learning programming languages help you upgrade your skill set, is sought after by employers and will ultimately help you realize your career goals.

Even though some of these programming languages may be hard to learn and understand, learning them can offer you various benefits. Not only will it give you a better understanding of the devices you work on but getting a knack for these languages will enable you to bridge the gap between business and technology. The knowledge of these languages will help you make your programs and software, along with improving your problem-solving skills.

In today’s time, hundreds of languages are available, but it can be difficult to determine which ones are the best to learn. To offer you some clarification, we have come up with a list of the 10 best programming languages to learn, that are popular amongst developers worldwide. 

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List of 10 Web Development Languages To Learn That Can Pay You High: 

Here are some of the most popular programming languages that you must learn in 2024 to improve your programming skills:

  1. C++
  2. JavaScript
  3. Python
  4. PHP
  5. Swift
  6. Go
  7. Ruby
  8. SQL
  9. C#
  10. R

1. C++ : 

C++ is an extension of the C programming language. C++ tops the list because it is an advanced programming language that supports several programming methods, be it functional, procedural, or object-oriented programming. This is an efficient and fast language, given its’ compile-time and execution time is faster than other programming languages. Its versatile nature lets users create excellent applications and software, such as video games, web browsers, etc. Regarding career opportunities, C++ is essential for IT professionals like web architects.


Some of the best features of C++ are:

  • It is very versatile
  • It is a simple and object-oriented programming language
  • It is fast and powerful
  • Has a rich library
  • It is a mid-level programming language; hence not very difficult to learn.
web development languages- C++
ProsHigh performance, object-oriented, versatile, extensive libraries, memory control, system programming.
ConsSteeper learning curve, complex syntax, potential for memory leaks, lack of automatic memory management.
Use CasesGame development, systems programming, high-performance applications, real-time simulations.
Skill RequirementSolid grasp of programming fundamentals, understanding of memory management, attention to detail.
Difficulty LevelModerately difficult; requires learning complex features and mastering memory management.
PopularityHistorically popular, remains relevant for specific domains, widely used in various industries.
Best forIntermediate to advanced programmers, those needing high-performance or low-level system access.

2. JavaScript : 

Netscape Communications created JavaScript in 1995. JavaScript, abbreviated as JS, is one of the core programming languages of the World Wide Web, alongside CSS and HTML. It is regarded as one of the best programming languages to learn worldwide as it spares users from setting up a web development environment. 98% of websites use Javascript on the web page’s client side. 

best programming langauges to learn- JavaScript

Javascript also has a large community online because this language is used almost everywhere on the web. This scripting and programming language allows one to create interactive webpages and incorporate complex features on webpages- like interactive maps, 2D/3D animated graphics, etc. Also, it offers excellent career potential for new learners.

TIOBE Index- JavaScript

Some of the top features of JavaScript are: 

  • Used widely on the web
  • Easy to learn for beginners
  • Works great with other web development programming languages 
  • Highly in demand
  • A great codebase that enhances the readability of the script 
ProsWidely used, versatile, runs in browsers, extensive libraries, asynchronous programming, and dynamic.
ConsBrowser compatibility issues, potential security vulnerabilities, single-threaded, varying syntax.
Use CasesWeb development (front-end and back-end), interactive web applications, browser extensions.
Skill RequirementUnderstanding of web technologies (HTML/CSS), programming logic, and asynchronous programming.
Difficulty LevelModerately easy to start; advanced features and asynchronous programming can be more challenging.
PopularityExtremely popular; essential for web development, and widely used for creating interactive websites.
Best forWeb developers, front-end developers, those creating interactive web applications and websites.
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It also enables a visually pleasing webpage to attract user attention. The top companies that used JavaScript before programming are Google, Microsoft, PayPal, and Walmart.

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3. Python:

Did you know that Python is the primary coding language for 80% of developers worldwide? It is regarded as one of the trending web development languages to learn because it is easy for beginners. One must have problem-solving and abstract thinking skills to master this language. This is the perfect programming language for you if you plan on becoming a software engineer or developer. It is generally used to develop software and websites and conduct data analysis. 

Python - best programming languages to learn 2023

Some of the best features of Python are:

  • It is naturally readable
  • It is mostly scripted
  • It is quite readable as compared to other programming languages
  • Has GUI support.
  • It works well on both Mac and Windows.

The top companies that work on Python are Spotify, Intel, Netflix, and Facebook.

web development languages- TIOBE index Python
ProsOpen-source, readable syntax, extensive libraries, cross-platform, community support.
ConsSlower due to interpretation, Global Interpreter Lock (GIL), and mobile development challenges.
Use CasesBack-end web development, desktop applications, data science, automation, machine learning, and scientific computing.
Skill RequirementsBasic understanding of programming concepts, familiarity with syntax and libraries, and logical thinking.
Difficulty LevelEasy to learn, read, and write; beginner-friendly.
PopularityLoved by 66.7% of Stack Overflow developers. #1 most popular programming language on various indexes.
Best forIdeal for beginners and learners; suitable for developers in web, data, scientific, and automation domains.

4. PHP:

PHP is one of the oldest general-purpose scripting and programming languages out there, which even the topmost web development programmers find important to learn. This language was originally created by a Danish-Canadian programmer named Rasmus Lerdorf in 1993. Compared to other programming languages, PHP is easier to learn. It has many resources available, making it easier for beginners. It also requires basic coding skills such as CSS and HTML to make learning easier.

PHP - best programming languages to learn 2023

Let’s have a look at some of the features of PHP:

  • Easy to learn for beginners
  • Faster as compared to other programming languages
  • Extremely secure network
  • It can be embedded with HTML for added functionality
  • Well- established
ProsServer-side scripting, web development, ease of embedding in HTML, vast community, open-source.
ConsInconsistent syntax, security concerns, scalability challenges, not ideal for standalone applications.
Use CasesWeb development (server-side scripting), dynamic web content, e-commerce platforms, CMSs.
Skill RequirementUnderstanding of web development, HTML, CSS, database concepts, server-side programming.
Difficulty LevelModerately easy; straightforward syntax for basic tasks, but can be complex for advanced projects.
PopularityWidely used for web development, powers many websites including popular content management systems.
Best forWeb developers, backend developers, those creating dynamic websites and web applications.

5. Swift

Swift is a comparatively new software product in the market and this generation finds Swift as one of the best programming languages in 2024 to learn. It is an incredibly intuitive and powerful language that is simple to use and is open source. Apple created this general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language for Mac and iOS. 

best programming languages to learn - SWIFT

Many developers prefer to use Swift because of its ultra-modern features. It has been predicted that it will be the future of the topmost and most secure applications. It is one of the top programming languages to learn and is easy for beginners. 

TIOBE index- Swift (web development languages)

The top features of Swift are:

  • Best performance for an enhanced experience
  • Rapid development process
  • Has a very vast library
  • Low memory footprint
  • Great readability

The top companies working on Swift are Instagram, Slack, Uber, and Apple. 

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ProsModern, safe, and fast language, iOS/macOS app development, strong type system, open-source.
ConsLimited to Apple ecosystem, evolving language, fewer libraries compared to some other languages.
Use CasesiOS and macOS app development, mobile application development, backend server-side programming.
Skill RequirementFamiliarity with programming concepts, iOS/macOS development, and understanding of Swift syntax.
Difficulty LevelModerately easy to learn; clear syntax, comprehensive standard library, specific domain focus.
PopularityPopular within Apple developer community, growing usage for mobile app development.
Best foriOS/macOS app developers, mobile application developers, and those targeting the Apple ecosystem.

6. Go

Go is a young-age programming language and is very efficient and reliable. Go is a statically typed, compiled programming language designed at Google in 2007 to manage its quickly growing infrastructure. Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson developed this programming language. Since then, it has become one of the top programming languages to learn. Go is syntactically similar to C but has a simple format, memory safety, garbage collection, structural typing, and CSP-style concurrency. 

best programming languages to learn - Go

The best feature of Go are:

  • Easy to learn for beginners
  • Facilitates data science processes
  • Better security than before
  • It is an open-sourced software
  • Excellent tools for statistical analytics.

The top companies that work on Go are Medium, Uber, BBC, and Google.

Top 10 web development languages- Go
ProsEfficient and fast, strong concurrency support, simple and clean syntax, static binary compilation.
ConsLack of generics (until Go 2), and limited third-party libraries compared to some languages.
Use CasesSystems programming, backend services, cloud applications, microservices, and network programming.
Skill RequirementFamiliarity with programming concepts, understanding of concurrency, and working knowledge of Go syntax.
Difficulty LevelRelatively easy to learn; concise syntax, minimal complexity, explicit error handling.
PopularityIncreasingly popular, particularly for web development, cloud computing, and microservices.
Best forSystems programmers, backend developers, cloud engineers, those seeking concurrency-focused languages.

7. Ruby

Ruby is yet another well-known popular, dynamic and open-source programming language. It is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language that supports several programming paradigms. Web development programmers often use Ruby for analysing data and prototyping. 

best programming languages to learn

Regarding website development, Ruby is one of the best options out there. It is one of the best programming languages to learn, as it deploys English-like syntax, making it easy to use because it is so well interpreted. Hence, if you want to hone your web-app development skills, then you must try Ruby.

Ruby- top 10 web development languages

 The best features of this web development language are:

  • It is open sourced
  • Deploys English syntax
  • Easy to learn for beginners. 
  • Great garbage collection
  • Great RoR Framework for creating websites

Ruby is used for both front-end and back-end development.

ProsElegant syntax, productivity-focused, object-oriented, strong community, web development.
ConsSlower execution, global interpreter lock (MRI), and fewer job opportunities in some regions.
Use CasesWeb development, scripting, automation, prototyping, creating dynamic and interactive apps.
Skill RequirementUnderstanding of programming logic, object-oriented concepts, and familiarity with Ruby syntax.
Difficulty LevelBeginner-friendly; readable syntax, dynamic typing, but mastering advanced topics takes time.
PopularityPopular for web development, particularly with Ruby on Rails framework, strong community.
Best forWeb developers, startups, and those prioritizing developer happiness, scripting and automation.

8. SQL

SQL, which is an abbreviation for Structured Query Language, is one of the top web development languages to learn. SQL is a domain-specific language used in programming and is primarily designed for managing data in a relational database management system.

best programming languages to learn 2023 - SQL

if you’re into statistical computing and data science. It is an exciting program as it lets the programmers manipulate and do things from the database. SQL is also often used in hacking.

TIOBE index- SQL

Some of the best features of SQL are: 

  • Works great for beginners
  • Amazing portability 
  • Very interactive’
  • Has a supportive community of users
  • Strongly secured system

It is often used to organize a database of website owners to gauge the performance of their marketing campaigns. 

ProsPowerful for database management, declarative syntax, standardized, essential for data analysis.
ConsLimited application scope, can be complex for advanced queries, and variations among database systems.
Use CasesDatabase management, data querying, data manipulation, data analysis, and report generation.
Skill RequirementFamiliarity with relational databases, understanding of data modelling, and knowledge of SQL syntax.
Difficulty LevelModerate; Basic queries are easy, but complex joins and optimizations can be challenging.
PopularityExtremely popular; and fundamental to database management and data manipulation across industries.
Best forDatabase administrators, data analysts, backend developers

9. C#

Microsoft developed C# in 2000 for its’ .NET framework. C# is a general-purpose, high-level, multi-paradigm programming language that is great for developing computer applications and video games. According to research, 1/3rd of the best mobile gaming applications are designed using C#. Hence, it is one of the most popular web development languages to learn worldwide. 

best programming languages to learn  - C#

This programming language encompasses static typing, strong typing, lexically scoped, imperative, declarative, functional, generic, object-oriented, and component-oriented programming disciplines and is great for software developers. To develop GUI-based desktop applications, you must learn C#.

Some of the best features of C# are: 

  • Easy to understand & learn
  • Works well for all kinds of Windows development
  • Safe, as compared to C++ and C 
  • Large user-base community
  • Broad frameworks
top 10 web development languages - C#

The top companies that work on C# are Stack Overflow, Alibaba Travels, Microsoft, and Accenture.

ProsVersatile, object-oriented, robust, modern syntax, integration with Microsoft technologies, GUI apps.
ConsLimited cross-platform support (outside .NET Core), learning curve, Windows-centric, verbosity.
Use CasesWindows desktop applications, game development (Unity), web applications, cloud services, mobile apps.
Skill RequirementUnderstanding of programming concepts, object-oriented principles, and familiarity with C# syntax.
Difficulty LevelModerate; clean syntax for basic tasks, complex for advanced features, especially in enterprise apps.
PopularityPopular, particularly within Windows development, is widely used in enterprise and game development.
Best forWindows desktop app developers, game developers (Unity), enterprise software developers, ASP.NET devs.

10. R

R is a programming software used for statistical computing and graphics. The R Core Team and the R Foundation for Statistical Computing support it. This programming language is very popular with statisticians for analysing data. It is essential in data analysis, finance, and telecommunication fields. If you love statistics, R would be the best programming language for you. 

best programming languages to learn - R

The best features of R are :

  • It is supportive of cross-platforms
  • Uses object-oriented language
  • It has powerful graphics
  • It is an open-source platform
TIOBE Index - R (top 10 web development languages)

There aren’t many people who are pros at using R; hence learning this programming language will give you an edge over others which may prove to be a great career choice for you.

ProsPowerful for data analysis and statistics, extensive statistical libraries, and strong data visualization.
ConsA steeper learning curve, not ideal for general-purpose programming, slower execution for some tasks.
Use CasesData analysis, statistics, data visualization, machine learning, scientific research.
Skill RequirementsUnderstanding of statistical concepts, familiarity with data manipulation, and proficiency in R syntax.
Difficulty LevelModerately challenging; complex for advanced statistical analyses, but basic tasks are approachable.
PopularityPopular in data science and statistics communities, widely used in academia and research.
Best forData analysts, statisticians, researchers, scientists, those working with data-driven decision-making.


With this, we end our list of the 10 best programming languages to learn. We hope this article provided useful insights into the popular programming language. Even though there are a host of languages you can learn, choosing a few that serve your purpose is important. 

The ones that we have mentioned above are some of the most demanding languages that are highly preferred by budding programmers these days. If you want to pursue a career in programming, then learning one of these languages can be a great start to your coding Journey!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which are the best programming languages to learn?

Ans. Python is the best programming language to learn because its syntax is quite simplified. It is also relatively easy to use and execute, hence a great option for beginners.

2. Which is the hardest programming language to learn?

Ans. C++ is the hardest programming language to learn. The syntax involved in it is quite advanced and it has a multi-paradigm nature. So, it might be challenging for beginners to learn the language.

3. What are the most in-demand programming languages to learn in 2024

Ans. The most in-demand programming languages to learn in 2024 are Python, Go, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Swift and C#.

4. What are the three languages all web developers must learn?

Ans. All web developers should learn the three fundamental programming languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

5. What language do most developers use?

Ans. JavaScript is the programming language that most developers use globally, as it is incorporated by majority of the web browsers. Another plus point is that it is very easy to learn.

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