iPhone 15 Comes With An Optimised Charging Setting: How To Set A Charging Limit?

Charge Your iPhone 15 Up To 80%; Click To Know How

The earlier models of iPhone came with an Optimized Battery Charging feature. However, the one on iPhone 15 is different from the ones present in the latter versions of the device. The optimized battery charging feature analysed the device’s daily charging routine and intelligently delayed charging past 80%. In the current update, a hard limit is applied to he iPhone charging where it will not charge beyond 80%, no matter what the circumstance is.

How To Set 80% Charging Limit In iPhone 15?

Once you set the 80% charging limit in your iPhone, your device will stop charging. When the battery level reduces to 75%, for instance, the charging will resume. Here is a step-by-step guide explaining how you can enable it:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Battery, then go to ‘Battery Health and Charging’
  • Click on ‘Charging Optimization’
  • Tap on the 80% Limit option

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This latest addition is featured in the recently launched iPhone 15 series alongside the Optimised Battery Charging setting that has been a part of Apple devices for quite some time now. Apple also launched the iOS 17.0.2 for the iPhone 15 series.

The recent 80 percent threshold could potentially mitigate the unanticipated decline in battery capacity that numerous iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro users have recently complained about. Additionally, the iPhone 15 series allows users to view the charge cycle count for their batteries.

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The capacity of a device’s battery reduces with each charging cycle, and this degradation amplifies when the battery is consistently charged to its maximum capacity. Even Android smartphones with rapid charging capabilities decrease their charging speed as they approach nearly full charge. This gradual slowing down, dubbed as ‘trickle charging’, is implemented to preserve the battery’s long-term health. Nevertheless, it is advisable to refrain from charging the battery to its absolute full capacity. Apple’s newly introduced 80% Limit feature is designed with the intention of assisting users in adhering to this practice, thereby helping them avoid premature battery degradation.

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