Top 5 Breath-taking Tech Innovations We Witnessed At CES 2023

CES Makes Strong Comeback In 2023 With Exceptional Tech Innovations

After a two-year hiatus, CES made a strong comeback. The top IT businesses in the world returned to Las Vegas, bringing with them some incredible products. We also saw an electric “flying” boat, a large wireless TV (more on that one later), and, yes, a pee sensor for your home toilet (definitely more on that below).

The CES is back in full swing at this year’s show. It is estimated that more than 100,000 individuals attended, and over 2,200 businesses promoted what they believed would be the upcoming big thing. 

We’ve already compiled the must-see CES highlights, the most cutting-edge technology, the kookiest devices, and the goods you’ll be able to purchase in 2023. Here is our carefully picked selection of the top CES 2023 products.

Each item on this list ulfils at least one of the following requirements:

  • The product is a novel one; one that has never been witnessed before
  • It identifies and caters to a significant consumer issue
  • The product is a redesign or alternative approach to an existing product that raises the bar for quality or performance.

1. LG’s 97-inch wireless OLED TV Stole The Show

The 97-inch wireless OLED TV from the LG M3 Series is a tech mammoth with all the standard high-end TV capabilities. T his behemoth TV combines amazing visual technology with its enormous size. But the fact that it is fully wireless really puts it over the top.

LG's 97-inch wireless OLED TV Stole The Show
Img source: Tom’s Guide

According to LG, the 97-inch model should be available in 2023 along with 83- and 77-inch models. But don’t anticipate it to be inexpensive. While LG’s 77-inch OLED is only $2,900, its 97-inch connected TV costs $25,000. only to set the stage.

2. Withings U Scan Pee Sensor

Withings U Scan Pee Sensor
Img source: Knapsack

Your toilet’s front is where the device is situated. When you urinate, it collects the urine, analyses it, and then wirelessly delivers the results to your phone. Apparently, for an accurate sample, it’s essential to be sitting down. It can test the pH of your urine, reveal general kidney health, and track daily ketones and vitamin C levels. Women can use it to keep track of their menstrual periods if they use a different cartridge.

3. HTC Vive XR Elite

HTC Vive XR Elite
Img Source: MIXED Reality News

In our experience, the HTC Vive XR Elite, the newest iteration of HTC’s VR/AR headset, may be the greatest Vive when it launches in late February for $1,099. Its size is what makes it unique. The VR headgear from HTC is almost as small as a pair of spectacles and weighs less than half as much as the Quest Pro model.

The user doesn’t need to wear glasses because the adjusting dials, or diopters, can modify the lens prescription in real time. If it performs as predicted, that feature is quite helpful.

4. Schneider Smart Home system

Schneider Smart Home system

By regulating the breakers, switchers, and outlets, the system will enable customers to save money by scheduling when specific outlets take power. This will stop energy hogs like chargers and TVs from using electricity when they aren’t needed. For EV owners, it can plan when their car charges, scheduling it to do so only when rates are lowest or, if possible, only when solar panels are available to charge.

5. Dolby Atmos In A Maybach

Dolby Atmos In A Maybach

Although Atmos has been used in theatres and home theatres for some time, the opulent Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is one of the first automobiles to do so. There currently needs to be more information on a specific release date for the technology’s adaptation to a conventional six-speaker system.

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