Instagram Feed Not Loading? Here Is How You Can Fix It

How To Fix Instagram Feed Not Loading

Instagram is the go-to app in today’s era for exploring a plethora of content, communicating with like-minded individuals globally and sharing personal and professional life experiences. Its popularity has skyrocketed at a pace beyond comprehension with more and more people joining the platform with each passing day. Instagram was acquired by Meta in April 2012, for $1 billion. The photo and video sharing social networking service offers an array of features like geotagging, reels, stories, QR codes, disappearin DMs, etc.

Instagram feed is the page that users turn to in order to stay updated with the day-to-day activities of the accounts they follow, gather information about products/services, etc. However, more often than not users are faced with that exasperating moment wherein the feed page just doesn’t load. There are multiple ways to resolve this and we have curated them all for you.

Why Is My Instagram Feed Not Loading?

Why Is My Instagram Feed Not Loading

Users often ask this question as to why they are unable to refresh their Instagram feed. Therefore, lets take a closer look at the plausible expalnations for the same. There might be several reasons that precipitate this problem. Some of them are:

  • Poor internet connection
  • App not updated/outdated app
  • Issues with the platform server
  • Bugs within the platform
  • Inaccurate Time settings

Now that we have a fair understanding of the possible reasons behing Instagram feed loading issues, let’s examine the different methods in which we can fix it.

How To Fix Instagram Feed Not Loading Issues?

In this guide, we explore the different solutions to fix the IG feed not loading error. The reasons for the same can be attributed to technical or non-technical reasons.

Mentioned below are the steps you can follow to resolve the issue.

  • Restart Your Device/ Router

Let’s start with the basics. Before moving on to the more complicated technical solutions, we can initiate the resolution by applying the fundamental rule of restarting the device wherein Instagram has been logged. More often than not the issue behind the IG feed not loading is not as dire as it seems to be. Reboot your phone and retry loading the Indtagram timeline. If this does not work, then follow the step mentioned below.

  • Clear The App And Browser Data

Try deleting the app cahce or browser history to fix this issue. You will consequently be logged out oof your Instagram device. Once through with this, reopen the Instagram app and login. This should resolve the Instagram feed loading error. If not, you can try out the methods highlighted below.

  • Update/reinstall The Application

It is possible that you have been using an older Instagram version which is why you encounter the aforementioned bug. To do the same, you can visit the Play Store in case you are using an Instagram on an Android device and App Store in case you are using the app on an iOS device. This will fix all the bugs that you have been witnessing on the previous versions of the app. If you are still facing the problem, give the options below a try.

Reinstalling the application is also a viable solution to fx the Instagram feed not loading error. This helps you get rid of the fault files of the app and let your Instagram feed function in an error-free way.

  • Ensure You Have Good Internet Conncectivity

Problems pertaining to internet connection are extremely common when such errors occur. Try switching the netwrokd connection from Wifi to an alternate one, like mobile data, if possible. Outdate network adapter connectivity can also result in these problems for windows users. Updating network adapter drivers can resolve the issue in such cases.

  • Turn On App Permission

Many apps might not function properly if the app permissions are not enabled. The same happens in the case of Instagram. Access to the entire range of features is prohibited if you do not provide permission to use camera, microphone, etc. To do the same, head to the Settings panel on Android and iOS. For Android, Go to Settings > Apps > Instagram > Permission. Click the toggle and enable the permission. For iOS the approach could be slightly different, although majority iof the steps are the same.

  • Turn Off VPN

When accessing data from a specific country or territory, people mostly use VPN (Virtual Private Network). This means that cyou can access apps like Instagra, YouTube, Facebook, etc in regions where it is restricted. A faulty or technically unsound VPN can trigger the issue off Instagram feed not loading. Try turning off the VPN connection and check if your Instagram feed is working properly or not.

Instagram feed not loading is a pretty common issue which can be catered to by following the steps mentioned above. The solutions mentioned in this guide will help you quickly fix the problem and have an uninterrupted social networking experience.

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