Facebook Planning To Launch Application Which Lets Users Predict World Events

App Which Will Let You Predict World Events Is Coming Soon


  • The application will soon be launched which will let users predict world events
  • Facebook is already working on the app and is in invite-only beta version

In a huge development in the technological world, the US-based social media giant Facebook has announced it will soon launch “Forecast” an iOS application that will create a community around predictions related to world events like the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook says that the members of the community will be able to post questions over the future, make predictions, and even discuss and distill the knowledge into a single forecast.

As of now, Facebook has kept the application as invite-only for the beta version.

On Wednesday, in a statement, Facebook said, “We believe that a community built around predictions is not only a good way to surface crowdsourced wisdom, but may also help to encourage healthier online conversations across a broad range of topics,”.

Part of Facebook’s internal Research and Development (R&D) team called the NPE team is working on the application and currently only allows iOS users from the US and Canada to make predictions and take part in the conversation.

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Having said this, all the predictions and discussions, however, will be made available to the public on the Forecast website and will be shareable across platforms.

Facebook said, “We will invite people in the health, research, and academic communities to make predictions about the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the world around us,”.

The application named Forecast is a platform where people can ask questions and use the in-app points to even make predictions about the future.

All the questions will be submitted by the community and moderated for clarity using the Community Standards of Facebook.

Users, or would be called Forecasters will be able to discuss the reasoning behind their predictions, visit profiles to see opinions and predictions of every user and even follow each other to get notified of new activities.

Forecasters will also be able to see their own prediction track record over time and climb the leaderboard for individual topics.

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