WhatsApp: Testing Underway For AI-Powered Custom Stickers

WhatsApp Rolls Out Beta Version Enabling Users To Create And Share AI Stickers On Chats

Generative AI’s popularity has been surging at an alarming rate and companies are increasingly hopping onto the AI bandwagon, WhatsApp being the latest one to do so. The Meta-owned messaging platform is testing a beta version of AI-powere chat stickers that users will be able to create and share. The report from WABetaInfo also highlights that the feature is accessible to only a selected pool of people right now to identify bugs and glitches.

Users can generate stickers through text-based descriptions. The incorporation of AI-generated stickers will take the customisation and personalisation game to a whole new level as it will enable users to create tailor-made stickers that will be unique.

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The report shared by WABetaInfo displayed a screenshot of the process to generate an AI sticker on WhatsApp. The sticker tab on WhatsApp will feature a “create” button. When the user clicks on it, he/she will be asked to enter a description for the sticker they want to create. Based on the text entered by the user, WhatsApp will provide a list of AI-generated stickers to choose from.

Though the report specifies that Meta has incorporated a secured technology for this feature, there is no clarity on the type of generative AI model that is being utilised for the same. A report from Verge highlighted that the upcoming WhatsApp feature will work along the lines of Midjourney or OpenAI’s Dall-E models which empowered users to create personalised images.

It was also mentioned that harmful or inappropriate AI-stickers would be reported, though the action to be taken against them was not specified. There is a likelihood of a watermark being present on the sticker considering the fact that the sticker will be created by Meta’s AI technology.

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