Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max: Leaked Exclusive Features, Price And Other Details!

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max – All You Need To Know About The Company’s Most Expensive Upcoming Model


  • Tech analyst Jeff Pu anticipates a price hike for the upcoming Apple model iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  • The price inflation could be attributed to add-on features like periscope camera and titanium frame.
  • It is expected that there will be a surge in demand for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Mass production for the same will start by August.

Apple fanatics might be in for a shock given that the upcoming giPhone 15 Pro Max might be costing an arm and a leg. Premium pricing is one of the characteristic of Apple and the soon-to-be-launched Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max seems to continue that trend. According to analyst from Haitong International Tech Research, Jeff Pu, the phone is anticipated to witness a surge in pricing.

Leaks suggest that the higher end model of the iPhone 15 series might feature a periscope camera technology which would enable higher range of optical zoom and produce images of higher quality. Also, the top end model of the Apple iPhone 15 series is expected to get a robust titanium frame ditching the Aluminum one. Additionally, the upcoming model will be featuring a USB-C charging port and Dynamic Island along the lines of all other models in the iPhone 15 series. This would add to the durability fo the phone and accentuate its premium look.

Mass production of the iPhone 15 Pro Max will commence in August. By the end of 2023, Apple is expected to manufacture approximately 84 million iPhones.

iPhone 14 Pro Max is priced at $1099 (around ₹ 137,999) currently. It is expected the tech giant’s upcoming model from the iPhone 15 series could exceed this price. The Pro models are expected to feature an A17 Bionic chipset. On the contrary, the non-Pro versions will make do with the A16 chipset from laast year.  Battery upgrades can also be expected in the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max.

the iPhone 15 series will feature a higher battery capacity in comparison to their predecessors. It is expected to be equipped with a 3877 mAh battery, up from iPhone 14’s 3279 mAh unit. The iPhone 15 Plus is anticipated to feature a higher battery capacity of 4912 mAh, up from the iPhone 14 Plus’ 4325 mAH capacity.

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