This Feature, Rolled Out By Instagram, Will Help Users Regain Hacked Accounts

Instagram’s “Hacked Hub” Feature Will Help Users Re-Access Their Hacked Accounts Here’s How It Works

In a bid to assist users who are having trouble accessing their accounts, Instagram has launched a new function. Users will be able to troubleshoot and restore control of their hijacked accounts using the new “hacked hub”.  Instagram wrote in a blog post, “To support accounts that are having access problems or may have been hacked, we developed – a novel, comprehensive and reliable portal that addresses account access concerns.

Here is what the feature entails:

  • On your mobile device or desktop browser, type if you cannot log in to your account.
  • Following this, you will be given three options viz- “You think your account has been hacked”, “forgot password”, “lost access to two-factor authentication”, or “if your account has been disabled.”
  • You can acquire access to your account by choosing the appropriate choice.
  • In case you have more than one account, you can also select which account requires support.

Additionally, Instagram currently alerts users when modifications are made to their accounts. If you have received an email from informing you that your email address has been changed, the Meta-owned firm claims that you can reverse this change by choosing Secure my account in the message.

Instagram’s “candid Stories” feature, recently added by Meta enables users to record and share their current actions as a story. Only those who likewise share their own candid will see it.

Here is how you can use the feature: Click on the multi-author story at the top of the feed or from the daily notification reminder that starts after the first candid.

Instagram also claimed that alongside testing account assistance and recovery procedures, it is also formulating techniques to prevent hacking altogether. The process begins with terminating any accounts that Instagram finds malicious, including those who impersonate others in a manner that violates their Community Guidelines.

Secondly, the platform is also trying to deliver alerts whenever an account that they feel may be impersonating someone requests to follow a user. This is because bad actors frequently don’t utilise accounts maliciously right away.

The platform stated that in the upcoming months, it would also issue warnings when a user receives a Direct Message from an account that may be posing as a company (DM).

Earlier, the social networking service started testing a feature that allows users to request identification confirmation from friends in order to recover access to their accounts. This option is now accessible to everyone.

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