11th Generation Tiger Lake CPUs And Upcoming Xe GPUs Shown By Intel Ahead Of Launch

Intel Reveals 11th Generation CPU and Upcoming GPU Ahead of Launch


  • Intel reveals 11th generation CPU named Tiger Lake
  • The company also revealed upcoming Xe GPU
  • The tech and products are expected to be launched in September

The technology giant Intel has concluded its Architecture Day 2020 virtual event where it revealed the first look of its upcoming products and technologies to the world.

Among these were the upcoming Tiger Lake processors which the company talked about and also how the company plans on manufacturing all new GPUs with the upcoming Xe line-up of graphics.

The senior engineers at Intel, including the Senior Vice President and Chief Architect Graphics and Software, Raja Koduri, shared information about these upcoming products and technologies who not only talked about these upcoming products which are set to be launched in September this year but also about the steps which the company is taking will help it remain competitive in the industry.

The biggest announcement made in the event by Intel was around the upcoming Tiger Lake processors by the company. These could be the 11thGen Core processors from the tech giant and will be powered by the company’s latest Willow Cove architecture built on a new “SuperFin” transistor.

The company promises that this will offer a generational increase over existing chips in the market.

Even though these processors are being made using the existing 10nm node by Intel instead of a more advanced 7nm node, the new processors are “expected to bring significant gains, especially in frequency clocks. While Intel has till now not claimed the processors will be able to hit the magic 5Ghz mark, but there are suggestions that the chips easily could. Additionally, the Tiger Lake chips could also be more power-efficient than current 10th Gen chips in the market,” says a report.

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Integrated within the Tiger Lake silicons will also be the all-new GPU chips which the company claims will also offer a generational leap over the existing platforms. The Xe integrated graphics (Xe-LP) from Intel are being reported to offer up to 96 EUs which should help the GPU bring significant gains over the current generation graphics which are offered with the 10th Generation Ice Lake processors.

“These new GPUs will again bring substantial gains in performance at lower thermal and TDP points,” the report said.

The Xe-LP graphics were revealed and claimed to be able to run the modern games including PUBG, Grid, Doom Eternal, and Battlefield V and that too on the high resolutions of 1080p.

Having said this, what’s even more interesting is that these games are now running with on a 15W system with Xe-LP.

The report said, “Under the Xe line-up of GPUs, the company will also be making DG1 discrete graphics card. While these won’t be high-end graphics cards, they will, however, allow for better thermals over the integrated Xe-Le graphics.”

The Us-based tech giant, Intel, has also announced that these GPUs will support hardware ray tracing and use GDDR6 memory.

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