Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg debuts Meta Quest Pro VR headset that will cost $1,500

Meta Launches Quest Pro VR Headset Worth $1500


  • Meta has launched a new Quest Pro VR Headset that costs $1500, which is $1100 more than its previous headset.
  • Zuckerberg debuted the Quest Pro VR Headset at Meta’s Connect conference, claiming to provide a full reality experience.
  • CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadela talks about the collaboration with Meta regarding various apps.

Facebook’s parent company Meta launched a high-end VR headset on Tuesday. While launching the product Meta CEO Zuckerberg named this latest virtual reality headset as Meta Quest Pro. This launch occurred at Meta’s Connect conference, which was focused on VR and augmented reality developers.

The Meta Quest Pro will cost $1500 and will start shipping on Oct 25th. This new headset costs $1100 more than Meta’s Quest 2 headset, which sells for $400. With Meta Quest Pro, the company will be targeting serious working professionals who will take a keen interest in their product. These headsets will help professionals take meetings in VR while they are working from home. This will make the conversations in VR more personal.

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With Meta Quest Pro, the company plans to introduce the VR experience to a broader base of people that was primarily just used by a realm of gamers. The headset comes with the latest technologies, like an advanced mobile snapdragon computer chip, which was developed by Qualcomm, that helps this device to produce more advanced graphics. It comes with embedded sensors to improve the touch controllers. 

These headsets also provide better hand tracking and improved reading experiences for users. It also consists of what the meta calls a “full-colour mixed reality experience,” which uses the camera on the helmet’s outer sides, letting people see the world around them through the device.

The mixed-reality features in this new headset blend the elements of the physical and virtual worlds. During its launch, Zuckerberg mentioned that this feature would enable people to access the digital world with VR and AR headsets. 

Microsoft Ceo Satya Nadella, who was present during this online event, also discussed a partnership with Meta, which is intended to bring some of Microsoft’s work collaboration apps to Quest VR devices. Microsoft Team’s chat app, the Microsoft 365 suite of work, and Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming service will be available on Quest devices. Nadella mentioned, “You will be able to play 2D games with your Xbox controller projected on a massive screen on Quest.” He added, “It’s early days, but we’re excited for what’s to come.”

However, the launch of the VR headset was not very well received by investors. Meta shares were down by almost 4.5% in mid-day and trading at $127.85.

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