Customizable 5-band EQ And Presets Arrive In Google Pixel Buds Pro In New Software Upgrade

Google Pixel Buds Pro Users Are Finally Getting The Auto-Tuning Features


  • Today, Google began the process of updating the Pixel Buds Pro software with the latest version.
  • The Google Pixel Buds Pro now comes equipped with a 5-band equalizer that users may customize.
  • Additionally, there will be 6 presets that have been fine-tuned by the audio experts working for the corporation.

Earbuds with active noise cancellation (ANC) and up to 31 hours of listening time were among the features that were introduced with the debut of the Google Pixel Buds Pro true wireless stereo (TWS) earphones earlier this year in India.

SInce the Pixel Buds Pro lacked certain functions that Google promised would be added later this year after a software update. The 5-band equalization, as well as the presets, was one of these elements.

There is no justifiable reason for producers of TWS earbuds to cut corners in this regard, and even though Google got off to a shaky start, users are grateful that the company has opted to make amends with this software upgrade.

The Google flagship buds will get an upgrade within the coming weeks that will include a complete 5-band equalizer with sliders for five separate frequency bands and 6 presets adjusted by their audio experts. This update is scheduled to take place over the course of the next week. 

The listener will be able to customize the audio-tuning to their liking by adjusting these sliding sliders, which will give them the ability to modify the sound. 

Once you have specified your preferable choices in the Pixel Buds app, those settings will be preserved on your Buds Pro regardless of the device you’re listening from. This is to be expected when you’ve completed the configuration process. In addition, the update includes settings for the left or right balance, along with general enhancements and bug fixes.

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You are going to get a notice informing you that an upgrade is now ready. It will be stored on your earphones the next occasion you connect them with a smartphone running Android 6.0 or above that has the Pixel operating system. This takes around ten minutes, during which time you are free to continue making use of your Pixel Buds.

When you place your earphones in the charging case, the upgrade will automatically be loaded. According to Google, this installation procedure will likewise take roughly ten minutes and won’t begin until your Pixel Buds Pro have a sufficient amount of power in them. If their power supply has run out, you must connect them to a charger as soon as possible.

According to Google, if you take off your headphones while the upgrade is being installed, it may cause the process to halt. However, Google will go back to it as soon as they have a chance.

According to Google, if there is no indication of an available update, this indicates that the software on your buds is the most recent version.

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