Vimeo Adds A Suite Of AI-Powered Editing Features

Vimeo’s End-To-End AI-Powered Tools To Redefine Video Creation

Taking a step towards reshaping the professional video production industry, the prominent video hosting and software company, Vimeo announced an end-to-end AI-powered video creation suite. The firm is leveraging generative AI to make video creation seem like cakewalk. The suite comprises of a script generator, a built-in on-camera teleprompter, and delete long pauses, unwanted filler words and difluencies like “umh”, “uh”, etc.

Ashraf Alkarmi, Chief Product Officer of Vimeo open up about the challenges encountered during creation of the AI video suite alongside highlighting the probable impact that it may have on the video production industry. He acknowledges the need to jump on the AI bandwagon while adhering to the company’s motto of providing value to its customers.

Research conducted by Vimeo reveals that 80% of people prefer watching videos to reading text, however, the majority of people lack the requisite knowledge, time and resources to make videos efficiently. The platform’s most recent AI-powered features stave off these obstacles by instantly producing a polished screenplay, giving users the chance to appear more natural in front of the camera with a customisable teleprompter, and enabling them to quickly delete any undesirable parts of their films.

Alkarmi opinionates that Vimeo’s AI video suite will change the course of democratization of video creation tools. It would facilitate efficient, swift and high-quality communication via video. This would consequently increase user engagement on the platform.

Vimeo’s internal research reveals that 50% of individuals do multiple takes during video recording. 25% of this pool do over five takes. The newly launched AI tool would eliminate the inherent barrier if video production and empower users with the ability to create the perfect videos in a single take.

Vimeo’s AI-powered script generator, teleprompter, and text-based video editor has several applications ranging from swiftly creating highlight reels to conducting virtual events or business meetings, creation of marketing videos and cleaning up high profile videos prior to sharing, without having to switch between different platforms or services.

Vimeo’s script generator deploys OpenAI’s API to generat video scripts from short descripions and key inputs viz. tone (“confident”, “casual”, “inspiring”, etc.). The built-in teleprompter offers a customizable script display. Users can edit eh font size and pace when recording videos.

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