McLaren And OnePlus Terminates Partnership, Customers Will No Longer Have McLaren Edition Smartphones

No More McLaren Edition Smartphone For OnePlus Customers


  • OnlePlus and McLaren end the partnership
  • The OnePlus Concept One was the last smartphone developed with McLaren
  • Three McLaren special edition devices were launched

The China-based smartphone manufacturer OnePlus and the British carmaker McLaren have ended their partnership after 3 smartphone launches and plenty of hype over a period of many months. The British car manufacturer and racing team McLaren announced that the two firms will not longer collaborate on Mclared branded OnePlus smartphone from hereon.

That being said, fans and customers can still expect a special edition smartphone from OnePlus to be launched by the end by 2020, with the company known to tie up with top brands and franchises.

In a statement cited in a leading tech news website, McLaren has confirmed that their partnership with OnePlus has concluded after it reached its scheduled end date. This followed speculation that their partnership to end with OnePlus as the smartphone manufacturer was no longer listed as a partner on the official website of McLaren.

The partnership between the two companies led to the launch of three smartphones, starting with the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition in late 2018. Which was followed by the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition in late 2019, and the OnePlus Concept One smartphone at CES 2020?

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While the first two smartphones were commercially released and are still available to be purchased, the third one was a concept device and was never launched commercially. The special edition device from OnePlus has typically commanded a premium over the regular variants and also came with slightly enhanced specifications and additional accessories that came with the box.

Before the partnership with McLaren, OnePlus had tied up with many other major franchises including Marvels and Star Wars and came out with a smartphone called OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition and OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers Edition.

OnePlus, periodically, launches special edition devices for its customers, usually, they tag them with the “T” series which are generally launched at the end of every year.

This fact gives fans and customers the hope that it is likely that OnePlus could be working on a special edition device for 2020 as well, though no information has been provided by the company.

People say the conclusion of the partnership with McLaren seems sensible, as the idea would be considered boring and repetitive if carried on.

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