Instagram Stories Now Allows You To Post Videos Upto 60 Seconds And Won’t Split Into Clips

You Can Now Post Up To 60-Second-Long Instagram Stories


  • The Instagram extends the 60-second video time limit for stories.
  • Longer videos on Instagram used to be split into 15-second stories clips.
  • A new Stories layout is also being tested by the app.

Instagram is preparing to roll out a new feature that allows for longer, uninterrupted IG Stories uploads. Users will be able to post 60-second Stories in one slide with the new feature. Instagram users are currently unable to share longer videos in stories all at once. The video is instead divided into 15-second mini-clips. A source from Meta verified the new change to Instagram stories in a TechCrunch report. The spokesperson explains that instead of being automatically cut into 15-second clips, users will now be able to play and create Stories continuously for up to 60 seconds.

In order to compete with the micro-video app TikTok, Instagram is adding new features to keep the app interesting and interactive. The new update will be helpful for those who want to constantly post more video content. Additionally, viewers who frequently have to tap to see the entire video would find it useful. It might also help users de-clutter their Story tray. Since customers would have to wait longer to view the entire video, it might not go well with all users. Instagram Stories does not have a playback speed setting (yet).

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Reels and other forms on the network are becoming less distinct on the Meta-owned social media. Reels, for instance, are now posted with video posts. The length of the Reels was recently enhanced by the company from 60 to 90 seconds. Additionally, the app’s developers are trying a new Story layout using this. Excessive posts will be hidden by the new feature. Users can currently post up to 100 stories. The number of stories shared after the update will remain the same, but viewers will now see a “Show All” button to view all of the Stories.

The changes are not entirely unexpected because Instagram Head Adam Mosseri previously disclosed the company’s intentions to modify the algorithm to increase the visibility of video content. Instagram is giving video content a higher priority and may decide to focus the majority of its content around reels and short videos. TikTok is still a fierce competitor for the app. The Kardashians are among the users who have voiced their strong opposition to the company and want the app to maintain its focus on photos. Instagram’s users want it to stay true to its roots as a photo-sharing app.

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