Remove China Apps Crosses 5 Million Download On Google Play Store

Remove China Apps Gets 50 lakh Downloads On Play Store Amid Anit-China Wave


  • Remove China Apps have crossed 50 lakh downloads on Google Play Store
  • Remove China Apps is currently available for Android phones
  • Users will get the option to uninstall apps via this application

The Android application which is named Remove China Apps has gone viral in India as it claims to identify all the China-built applications on your Android device and help you remove them. Currently, the application sits at the top stop on Google Play Store’s free apps list in India and has already been downloaded more than 5 million times (50 lakh) since its launch on the 17th of May.

The development has come at a time in India when an anti-China wave has taken over its people which was sparked by the novel Coronavirus, India-China border rift and some other reasons.

Another app which played on similar sentiments of the people of India is – Mitron – which has gained traction over the past month and is now being called an Indian alternate to TikTok.

The developers of the Remove China Apps app claim that this application was “developed for educational purposes” which allows its users to “identify” the country of origin of the apps which are installed on their Android devices. However, going by the name of the app, it is hard to swallow that the app was indeed developed for educational purposes as it only identifies the apps developed by Chinese companies and offer the user the option to delete them.

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Another thing to revolve around the app is the since it went live in May, it has not only been downloaded more than 50 lakh times and has received a high number of positive reviews and rating (4.9) on the Google Play Store.

Apart from India, as per App Annie data, this app is gaining traction in Australia as well and have been reported to reach the top 5 in Tools category on the Google Play Store

Remove China Apps is a free to download application available to Android users on Google Play Store. The application does not need any sign-up or details from the users and simply lets him/ her “scan” the device and identify the application installed which have originated from China.

The Remove China Apps may have a flaw which the developers may want to look into the fact that the application detects the Chinese apps downloaded from Google Play Store or any other third party app stores but fails to point out the pre-installed apps on the Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

Additionally, the Remove China Apps is developed by the OneTouch AppLabs that has only this app listed on Google Play Store. And the developer, OneTouch AppLabs, claims that the company is based in Jaipur and the domain ownership site, Whois reveals that the website was created on 8 May this year.

OneTouch AppLabs website also states that the company provides services in Android and iOS app development and hybrid app development.

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A leading news agency in India was reported saying, “The Remove China Apps is being widely downloaded at a time when anti-China sentiments are on the rise in the country. This sentiment is sparked by several controversies such as the YouTube vs TikTok row, India-China border dispute, and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the country. Notably, a survey recently indicated that 67 percent of Indians hold China responsible for the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.”

The agency added, “Therefore, due to these controversies, several Indians are now looking for alternatives to Chinese products and phone apps. Recently, another app called Mitron crossed over 50 Lakh downloads on Google Play Store, that many believe is India’s response to China’s TikTok, however a recent report indicated that Mitron app’s source code was purchased from a Pakistani firm.”

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