Infosys Understood The Solution For Moonlighting And Allows Employees To Freelance


  • In recent months, Infosys terminated the employment of far over 300 workers for moonlighting.
  • The issue of moonlighting has been handled by Infosys by declaring that the company is supportive of learning and “gig work.”
  • Infosys has decided that it wants to simplify the process for workers who wish to earn extra income with their company’s permission.

During a call with analysts after the announcement of profits for the third quarter, CEO Salil Parekh made it quite plain that moonlighting workers could find their work for Infosys to be incompatible with their other obligations. Infosys said that it terminated the employment of 300 workers after discovering that they were working for other firms.

Moonlighting is when workers of a corporation take on external freelance work with rival companies in addition to their regular duties in order to make a few extra bucks on the side.

In the midst of a heated discussion on moonlighting, the Chief Executive Officer of Infosys, Salil Parekh, has said unequivocally that the business does not endorse the practice in any way. He noted that staff taking on tasks that may possibly compete with existing business initiatives was a problem.

Due to the dramatic increase in demand for employees in the technology sector that followed the release of Covid and the subsequent transition of whole corporate ecosystems to digital formats, the situation is especially severe for businesses that are involved in information technology.

While announcing the results for the second quarter of fiscal year 23, Infosys said that it has dismissed 300 workers after discovering that they were working for rivals. Parekh continued by saying that the organization is contemplating the formulation of all-encompassing regulations in order to encourage workers to pursue chances for extra work outside the corporation.

Infosys will now encourage the ambitions of its personnel to learn outside the scope of their regular job for chances to get experience outside of the company. After receiving prior consent from the management, they will provide them with the resources necessary to work on specific gig assignments.

In addition to this, the firm is working to build policies that will be more extensive in this area while also guaranteeing that all contractual and secret obligations are properly fulfilled. Nevertheless, the CEO made it quite clear that Infosys does not endorse having two jobs.

He went on to say that staff at Infosys is allowed to take on internal gig assignments using the company’s internal platform known as Accelerate. He also said that the site had received 4,000 registrations throughout the course of the quarter.

Within the first half of the current fiscal year, Infosys brought on board 40,000 new graduates as employees, and the company has plans to bring on an additional 50,000 professionals during the year.

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