Adobe Reportedly Planning To Launch Free Version of Photoshop for Browsers Soon

Adobe May Launch A Free Web Version Of Photoshop For Users: Details Here


  • Adobe has termed the free Photoshop service as ‘Freemium’
  • With a free Adobe account, users may use Photoshop in the browser.
  • Adobe will apparently give enough core functions with free Photoshop.

According to a new report, Adobe Photoshop may soon be accessible as a freemium tool for all users. Adobe is said to be testing a free version of Photoshop for the web with some Canadian users. This service has been dubbed ‘Freemium’ by the company, and it will gradually become available to all users. According to the source, users will be able to use this freemium edition of the web-based Photoshop via a web browser as long as they are signed into a free Adobe account.

The Verge was the first to report on Adobe Photoshop’s freemium service, which is now being tested in Canada. According to the source, Adobe has begun testing a free or freemium version of its Photoshop photo editing software for browsers in Canada.

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The reports also said the company intends to provide this free service in order to broaden the tool’s reach. Also, the users will be given enough free functions, which are called the core ones by the company, with the aid of the freemium version of Photoshop in the browser.

“We want to make Photoshop more accessible and easier for more people to try it out and experience the product,” Maria Yap, VP, Adobe, Digital Imaging, said about the service.

In October of last year, Adobe announced that Photoshop will be available on the web. Through this service, users can access the Photoshop tool straight from their Web browsers, without having to install any apps on their device. The new Photoshop for the web is being dubbed a freemium because, while it is free to use, Adobe is rumoured to be planning paywalls for advanced features. These features are believed to be exclusive to people who have paid for a subscription.

The service, on the other hand, provided selection tools like lasso, quick selection, and magic wand, as well as cropping tools and paint brushes, allowing users to make minor modifications without having to install the native Photoshop or Illustrator apps on their devices.