WhatsApp Finally Prohibits Users From Taking Screenshots Of ‘View Once’ Messages, Allow Silent Group Exits, More

WhatsApp Finally Blocks 'View Once' Message Screenshots


  • New privacy features are announced by WhatsApp.
  • Users of WhatsApp are no longer able to screenshot View Once messages.
  • Users can now hide their online status on WhatsApp.

Three new, essential privacy features have been introduced by one of the most widely used instant messaging services, WhatsApp, for all users. Users are prohibited from taking screenshots of View Once messages by one of the features. That was a much-anticipated feature, now.

Many users criticised WhatsApp’s View Once function when it was introduced since it allowed anyone to screenshot messages, which undermined the service’s sole aim. Users can only share videos or images once with the View Once or Disappearing messaging function, as the names suggest. The recipient will only be able to view the message once when the View Once setting is enabled. Instagram has had a feature like this for a long.

The screenshot blocking feature for View Once messages is now being tested by WhatsApp, according to the company, and it will be made public very soon. The company promised that users would soon be able to use the feature.

To provide an additional layer of security is, in fact, the prime motive behind the launch of this feature.

So, how do you enable WhatsApp’s View Once setting? The process is the same for Android and iOS.

Step 1: Update your WhatsApp

Step 2: Pick a picture or video you want to send your contact just once.

Step 3: Select the icon marked “View Once” that is located next to the caption bar.

Step 4: Verify the function has been activated.

Step 5: Finally, press the send button to send the image or video, which should only be viewed once.

Two additional privacy features for WhatsApp were officially unveiled. One enables people to keep their online activity private. It works more like blocking certain contacts from seeing your last seen, profile photo, and status. Users can essentially leave a group secretly using the second feature. Currently, if you leave a group, everyone will find out.

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Several privacy features have been added to WhatsApp over the past few years. Users of the platform can already share their last seen info, profile photo, and status with those they trust. All WhatsApp chats, according to the messaging service, are end-to-end encrypted. This means that only the sender and recipient of the message can see the chats.

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