Google’s Pixel Feature Drop For June: Adaptive Charging, Cinematic Wallpapers, Etc.

From Cinematic Wallpapers To Macro Focus Videos Google Pixel June Feature Drop Details


  • Google Pixel June Feature Drop rolled out starting today.
  • The updates will be available in Google Pixel smartphones, Pixel watches and Fitbit devices.
  • Some new features include Cinematic wallpapers, macro focus videos, speaker-labelled video clips, etc.

Google launches its quarterly feature drop update introducing a multitude of new features to its pixel smartphones, pixel watch and Fitbit devices. Besides catering to bugs in predecessor versions, the latest software update hosts several new features. The tech behemoth will roll out the June security update starting today. Users will witness features like support for cinematic wallpapers, adaptive charging, a distinct home panel, speaker labels and a lot more.

Cinematic Wallpapers

The upgraded wallpaper experience would be available for Pixel 6 and subsequent smartphones. Google deploys artificial intelligence (AI) to pixel devices that turn 2D background photographs into ones with a more improved and dynamic 3D appearance. Addition of emoji wallpapers will also be facilitated through the update. To enable the cinematic effect sinple click on the top right corner of the screen after setting an image as wallpaper. You will see a sparkle button that lets you activate the cinematic effect.

For all the lazy people out there, simply clicking the “Randomize” button on your devices will create a wallpaper for you automatically.

Macro Focus Video

The macro focus for video is available in the Pixel 7 Pro which enables users to take closeup videos from the device and capture intricate details. It can snap close-up stills up to three centimetres distant and uses autofocus on the ultrawide lens. It’s important to bear in mind that the new function is exclusive to the Pixel 7 Pro and is not compatible with all camera apps and modes.

Timer For Hands-Free Pictures

The ‘Palm Timer’ feature will be available in Pixel 6 and newer models  wherein users can start a selfie timer by simply raising their palms. The feature which debuted in the Google Pixel Fold is extremely useful in instances where you want to take selfies froma distance.

Adaptive Charging and Smart Haptics

In a bid to extend the battery life of Pixel phones, Google’s AI will be able to analyse user behaviour and predict charging sessions. The feature might not be functional if there is a a lot of diaprity in your charging patterns. Earlier users had to set an alarm to enable ‘Adaptive Charging’. This system has been dismissed by Google.  The phone will gradually reach 100% one hour before it is anticipated to be disconnected.

For the Pixel 6a and Pixel 7a, the computing powerhouse is also releasing adaptive haptics, a technology that automatically reduces vibration intensity while the phone is in the hand or on a flat surface.

Home Panel

The home pannel comes in handy especially when there a lot of devices connected to your smartphone. It appears that the configuration from the Home app is carried over to the panel. When you hit the home icon located on the bottom left of the lock screen or quick settings tile, a new panel that resembles Google Homes’ “Favourite” tab appears.

Safety Features

A new security feature that allows you activate Emergency Sharing using your voice will be included in the June Pixel Drop. With the most recent update, Google Assistant users of Pixel devices will also be able to initiate a “Safety Check” by saying, “Hey Google, start a safety check for 30 minutes.”

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