You Will Soon Be Able To Delete Your Threads Account : Meta Official

You Will Soon Be Able To Delete Your Threads Account Meta Official


  • Threads will soon let you delete your account without having to leave Instagram.
  • This change might happen by the end of December.
  • Right now, if you delete your Threads account, you also have to delete your Instagram account.

Meta’s text-focused social media platform, Threads, made its debut in July of this year with the intention of rivaling Twitter. The application garnered millions of downloads in just five days after its launch, offering a seamless experience for existing Instagram users to create a Threads account.

For those unfamiliar, you can log in to Threads using your Instagram credentials. However, a notable concern among Threads users was the irrevocable nature of account creation. Once you establish a Threads account, there’s no turning back, as deleting your Threads account also results in the automatic deletion of your Instagram account. In simpler terms, deleting your Threads account means bidding farewell to your Instagram presence as well.

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However, recent reports indicate that this situation is on the verge of a significant shift, as Meta is gearing up to permit users to delete their Threads accounts without the need to bid adieu to Instagram.

According to report from Tech Crunch, Meta intends to allow users the ability to delete their Threads accounts by year-end without the mandatory removal of their Instagram accounts. Michel Protti, Meta’s Chief Privacy Officer for Product, shared this strategic move with the publication.

When discussing why this feature wasn’t available at Threads’ initial launch, Protti explained that it posed an “extremely challenging” task to enable Threads account deletion without impacting Instagram. Therefore, the Meta team placed special emphasis on ensuring users could still exercise their deletion options, whether by deactivating the account to conceal all content, setting it to private mode, or individually erasing specific threads.

Threads offers a range of features that bear resemblance to Twitter. For instance, the content feed within this Meta-owned application is divided into two segments: “For You” and “Following.” When introducing this feature, the company explained, “Your Threads feed provides you with two distinct options – ‘For You’ offers a blend of posts from profiles you personally follow and recommended accounts, while ‘Following’ exclusively displays posts from individuals you follow in chronological order.”

In addition to this, Threads has unveiled a new feature, Translations. Under this, posts appearing in a user’s feed on Threads are automatically translated into the language they are originally written in and aligning with the language settings of the viewer. Therefore, if you come across a thread in a different language and a translation is available in your language, you can simply tap the translation button located at the bottom right of the post or response to access the translated content. Furthermore, both Threads and Twitter permit users to engage with posts through various actions, including reporting, liking, and commenting. While both applications are grounded in text-based social media, it’s worth noting that Twitter, now rebranded as X, has recently extended its capabilities to include the option for users to upload extended video content.

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