WWDC 2022: Apple Likely To Announce Its Own Search Engine; Here What We Know

Apple Is Rumoured To Be Planning To Launch Its Own Search Engine At WWDC 2022


  • WWDC 2022 is expected to begin today, June 6.
  • In 2021, Alphabet’s ad revenue was $210 billion (16,30,840 crore).
  • For many years, Apple benefitted from a collaboration with Google.

Apple intends to develop its own search engine as it prepares for its annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) event. The source of the rumor is a tweet from writer Robert Scoble, which came after a thread summarising the Apple surprises he expects in the coming year.

According to Scoble, the information is derived partially via interactions with informants and partly through deduction. “This is the most costly product launch of all time,” he said.

Many believed that the Cupertino behemoth will ultimately put its toes in the water due to a lack of competition in the search industry and a long-standing rivalry between Google and Apple.

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Although the valuation of Google Search is hard to estimate due to the manner in which Alphabet’s profits are disclosed, we do know that it contributes to the majority of the company’s ad revenue, which is expected to reach $210 billion (16,30,840 crore) in 2021.

If Scoble’s intel is right, Apple has decided it wants a piece of the action. But why now, in particular? According to a theory, Apple feels that the install bases of iOS and Safari have achieved critical mass, allowing it to mount a legitimate challenge to Google’s supremacy.

For years, Apple has profited from a deal with Google that secures Google’s position as the default Safari search engine (worth an estimated $20 billion each year).

According to court documents submitted as part of a recent class-action lawsuit, Apple is likewise banned from launching a standalone search engine under the conditions of this agreement.

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