WhatsApp Feature Update: WhatsApp To Roll Out Undo Deleted Message, Edit Button  

WhatsApp To Introduce An Edit Button, Undo Button, And Other Features Soon


  • WhatsApp to launch a slew of new features.
  • WhatsApp will soon include an edit button, an undo button, and other features.
  • The features are still being worked on and will not be included in the final release.

WhatsApp is developing a slew of new features. Recently, the messaging app was observed testing three important features: the Undo button, the option to edit text messages, and the double verification feature. The features are now being tested, and none have been included in the final release. Interestingly, Apple surpasses WhatsApp by introducing the ability to edit texts in iMessage. The feature was announced about the same time that WhatsApp was seen working on it.

WABetaInfo, which monitors all WhatsApp-related developments, revealed that WhatsApp may soon allow users to edit messages after they have been sent. An Undo button is also being developed. In addition, WhatsApp was working on the double verification feature. So here’s what we know so far regarding WhatsApp’s upcoming features.

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Edit messages:

WhatsApp is developing an edit button that will allow users to edit their text messages after they have sent them. The current setup only allows users to remove previously delivered messages; there is no option to edit them. WhatsApp apparently began developing the function five years ago but discontinued it shortly after it was revealed on Twitter. However, after a five-year break, WhatsApp has decided to restart the development of the edit feature.

WABetaInfo has given a screenshot of the currently being developed edit function. When you choose an already sent message, the snapshot provides a separate edit option. Users will be able to edit their messages in addition to copying and sharing them. You may correct any typos or spelling errors in your message even after you’ve sent it by using the edit option. The current setup only allows users to delete messages. It cannot be unsent or edited.

Undo button:

WhatsApp is also working on an Undo button. This function will come in handy if you wish to retrieve a chat that you deleted by selecting “delete for me.” Sometimes you mistakenly hit the “Delete for me” button rather than the “Delete for everyone” one. The undo button will allow you to rectify your actions, but only within a specific time frame.

Double verification:

WhatsApp is also developing a double verification feature to improve security. Users will be subjected to a double verification process when attempting to log into their WhatsApp account from another smartphone.

WhatsApp will prompt you for an additional security code, which will be delivered to your registered mobile phone number. Users are currently required to submit just one 6-digit verification code, which they get on their registered phone number. The double verification function will notify users if their account is being accessed from another location.

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