What Is Quiet Hiring And How Is This Latest Trend Benefitting Organisations?

How Is This New Trend Impacting Workplace Productivity Amid Mass Layoffs

The corporate sector is burgeoning with new trends everyday including moonlighting, resignations, rage applications and quiet quitting. It is anticipated that all of this will be replaced by quiet hiring. This fad has already begun making its mark in the employment sector.

On one side where mass layoffs by tech behemoths have been grabbing eyeballs, “quiet hiring” has risen to prominence as a way of finding new talent without actually hiring full-time employees. Technical consulting and research company, Gartner termed it as one of the nine workplace trends of 2023.

The business claims that “quiet hiring enables organisations to strategically address acute, immediate business needs by assigning existing employees to novel roles, expanding their responsibilities through stretch assignments, and upskilling opportunities by hiring temporary workers to perform precise tasks or any combination of the three.”

To implement this, businesses must carefully scrutinize their talents and make trade-offs between areas where skill is most needed and those where the company can afford to slack off on output or lay off workers.

For instance, a business may decide that it has to hire five extra data scientists in order to reach its annual targets. It might then take a look at the hiring estimate and realise that it might take several months to fill those five positions, indicating that they won’t hit their goals. The business may choose to use a tactic called “silent recruiting” to resolve the issue by temporarily transferring five people from another division into the five open data scientist jobs, such as data analysts from marketing and human resources.

According to Gartner, employees benefit from quiet hiring because it gives them the chance to work on challenging projects, hone their existing skills, acquire new ones, and improve their career graph. All of this will gradually make the individual more marketable to other companies and indispensable to their current one.

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The research company adds that in order to prevent attrition, the businesses “should be expected to offer incentives, such as higher remuneration, one-time bonuses, extra personal time off, flexible hours and working conditions.”

The digital juggernaut Google aggressively participated in covert hiring in 2022, according to Inc. The company’s hiring approach “looks to inside workers when considering internal candidates rather than solely internal candidates to fill roles.”

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