Web Version of Meta-Backed Threads Underway: Know More!

Meta To Roll Out The Web Version Of Twitter X Rival App Threads In The Coming Week

A report from Wall Street Journal had highlighted that Instagram’s parent company, Meta is gearing up to launch the web version of its Twitter/X rival, Threads. Ever since its launch on 5th July, 2023, the messaging app was missing a web version and its absence ignited disappointment amongst many users. Mark Zuckerberg, Funder and CEO of Meta confirmed the launch of its web version early next week.

Adam Mosseri, Threads and Instagram CEO had confirmed about the ongoing internal testing of web version of the application. One of his comments on Threads read “We are working on it. We have been using an early web version of the app internally for about a week now.” He added that the web version needed some fixes before it could be rolled out to the general public.

Threads recently added the “following” tab feature that enables users to verify an link with their Mastodon profile. The report from The Wall Street Journal mentioned that Threads had recently begun displaying markers for state-controlled media organizations starting on Thursday. This action was taken as an effort to counteract the spread of false information and propaganda.

It is speculated that the rollout of Threads’ web version will improve the app’s functionality and accessibility, offering users a broader experience beyond the mobile platform. However, exact information regarding the web version’s features and user interface is yet to be revealed as the launch date draws closer.

Threads, that was launched as a Twitter (now known as X) rival initially garnered a huge follower base with over 100 million users in a month but recent data from SimilerWeb suggests that the user base on the app has declined significantly with only 10 million active users at the moment.

Contrary to this, Insider Intelligence’s assessment reveals that X is attracts approximately 363.7 million users who are active on a monthly basis. During its most recent quarterly earnings announcement in July of the prior year, X had disclosed that it had accumulated 237.8 million daily active users.

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