WhatsApp Tricks You Might Not Know

Find who you talk to most

iOS & Android: Settings > Storage and Data > Manage Storage > At the bottom, you'll see a list of contacts sorted by storage usage.

Lock WhatsApp with Face ID or Touch ID

iOS: Settings > Account > Privacy > Screen Lock > Toggle on Require Face ID / Require Touch ID > Select the time duration (Immediately, after a minute, after 15 minutes or after an hour).

Hide the blue ticks

iOS: Settings > Account > Privacy > Toggle off Read Receipts. Android: Settings > Account > Privacy > Untick Read Receipts.

Stop images and video appearing in your gallery

iOS: Settings > Chats > Toggle off Save to Camera Roll. Android: Settings > Chats > Toggle off Show Media in Gallery.

Words can be made bold, italic, or strikethrough on iOS and Android.

For *bold*, place an asterisk on either side of the word or phrase. For _italic_, place an underscore on each side of the word or phrase.  For ~strikethrough~ add tildes on each side of the word or phrase.

Move WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android

iOS: Settings > Chats > Move Chats to Android > Follow the steps.

Get shortcuts to specific conversations

Android: Chats > Specific chat > Menu > More > Add Shortcut or Chats > Press and hold individual chat > Menu > Add Chat Shortcut.

Change automatic image/video saving preferences for specific chats

iOS: Chat > Specific chat > Tap on contact or subject at top of display > Save to Camera Roll > Set to Always or Never.

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