WhatsApp Privacy Features You Should Know

By TechTalkCounty

WhatsApp protects your privacy by using features that keep your chats private.

Here are some essential WhatsApp privacy features.

Exit group quietly

When leaving a WhatsApp group chat, every member of the group was notified of your exit.  Now, when a member silently leaves a group, only the group admins will be notified.

Hide online status

With their most recent app update, WhatsApp will soon allow users to hide their online status from saved contacts or strangers.

Blocking screenshots on View Once images

View Once images allow users to share media which can be deleted after it has been seen by the recipient.

WhatsApp now has the ability to prevent screenshots from being taken on any phone, when a View Once image is visible.

When a View Once image is visible, WhatsApp can now stop screenshots from being captured on any phone.

Disappearing messages

A built-in feature of the instant messaging app called disappearing messages allows users to select a time limit for when previous messages should automatically disappear.