By: TechTalkCounty

Ways To Secure Your Device From Cyber Attack

With the increasing use of mobile phones to shop online and to perform internet banking transactions, it is worthwhile remembering things you can do to keep your mobile phone safe from cyber attackers.

Beware of software you install

Installing an application puts your device at risk of external tampering and sensitive data theft, thus it is safer to avoid doing so unless you trust the creator.

Do not open suspicious URLs

Do not click any links if you receive a request to do so in order to win a prize or holiday, even if the request appears to have come from a friend.

Do not use modified smartphones or electronic devices

Your mobile device may be used for illegal activities, cyberscams, or attacks without your knowledge when restrictions placed by the electronic device maker have been removed to permit the installation of unauthorised software.

Avoid using free WiFi networks

The name of the official free WiFi network should always be confirmed with the staff. You can be asked for personal information like passwords and email addresses by fake WiFi networks.

Set PINs/ face recognition/ fingerprint for device unblock

You have more than enough time to move your confidential data to an external web drive in just three minutes of unsupervised access to your mobile device.

Do not leave your mobile device with strangers for charging

Your data may be copied to another device without your knowledge when you leave your mobile device charging in public areas. Utilizing a power bank is better.

Do not make sensitive transactions using public WiFi networks

Cyber attackers may be able to tap into the same WiFi network and sniff personal information by using a mobile app that has been improperly developed or configured.