Twitch extensions empower broadcasters with a humongous amount of control and engage with their community effectively.

Several video extensions and panel extensions can be added to the stream which provide relevant information to the viewers.

Streamlabs Merch Extension

All-in-one solution for console streamers that allows viewers to play minigames, vote in polls, request songs, enter prizes, etc.

Sound Alert

– Enables streamers to upload noises and music while simultaneously assigning various buttons.

Snap Camera

This extension enables viewers to choose from several face lenses by the Lens Studio Community. This tool can initiate subscriptions to the channel as well.

Unwanted Twitch

This plugin allows broadcasters to conceal undesired streams, games, channels, etc. It can also alter the X button display and share import/export blacklist.

Twitch Chat Overhaul

It comes with functionalities such as altering the text size, conversation spacing, adding borders, zebra striping, etc.