Top Highest Paid Tech CEOs In The World

By TechTalkCounty

Elon Musk - SpaceX/Tesla - $513.3 million

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, is at the top of this list. Despite Tesla reporting a $1 billion loss, he received $513 million in total salary last year.

Tim Cook - Apple - $141.6 million

In 2018, Apple granted him 280,000 time-based and 280,000 performance-based vested restricted stock, totaling $126 million. And it was in addition to a $3 million basic pay, a $12 million cash bonus, and $680,000 in benefits.

Nikesh Arora - Palo Alto Networks - $130.7 million

Despite Nikesh Arora’s lack of industry knowledge, he earns a sizable sum of money. Arora was given restricted stock worth $19 million as a sign-on bonus, as well as stock awards and options for $39.3 million and $72 million, respectively.

Mark Hurd - Oracle - $108.29 million

Mark Hurd, the CEO of Oracle, was paid a reasonable base pay of $950,000 last year. And he's also receiving $103.7 million in stock options, $32,470 in perks, and a $3.7 million bonus.

Satya Nadella - Microsoft - $42.9 million

Satya Nadella has been successful in transforming the company from an OS maker to an online services provider. And as a reward, he received a 66 percent raise, bringing his total pay to $42.9 million.

Daniel Schulman- PayPal - $38.8 million

As the CEO of PayPal today, Daniel Schulman earns $38.8 million. It wasn’t like this before as he began his career in 1981 with only $208 salary.

Mike Lawrie - DXC Technology - $32.2 million

DXC Technology offers IT services in the enterprise market and has done reasonably well for itself. Mike Lawrie earns roughly $32.2 million a year as CEO.

Shantanu Narayen - Adobe - $28.4 million

The current success of Adobe is largely due to Shantanu Narayen. He is among the top CEOs in the world, which may explain why he earns $28.4 million annually, according to Glassdoor.

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