Things To Do Immediately If You Lost Your Phone

By TechTalkCounty

Losing your phone is stressful. But it's a real risk and can happen to anyone. If your mobile phone suddenly disappears, use these tips to help protect your data and hopefully recover your device quickly.

Call or Text Your Phone

The first thing you should do to call it from another phone. Perhaps you've merely misplaced it. If you've indeed lost your phone, perhaps someone has found it and they're trying to find the best way to get it back to you.

Lock It Down

All of us carry sensitive and important information on our phones. You can do this by manually locking the phone while logged into Find My iPhone and Android Device Manager on another device.

Locate Your Phone Via GPS

Try locating it using your phone's GPS locating service if you have called your phone and were unable to reach someone. It's important that in order to access your devices from another device, this must be activated on your devices.

Report Your Phone Lost or Stolen

You may or not get your phone back, but if you need to dispute fraudulent charges made on your device, you could need a police report.

Protect Your Accounts

To keep your information safe, you should remotely delete the data on your smartphone as soon as you have reason to believe it has been stolen.

Suspend Your Service

Contact mobile phone operator if you haven't been able to locate your device after remotely wiping and locking it. Even with a new SIM card or another carrier, they can stop the service to your phone and usually mark the device as useless.

Call Your Bank

Some people keep their financial information in plain text in their emails, note-taking apps, or cloud services. In that situation, it is crucial to contact your bank and temporarily block your cards and accounts.