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Spotting Jupiter’s Closest Encounter 1st Time With Earth In 70 years

26th September will be marked as a lucky day for stargazers as they can anticipate getting a clearer view of Jupiter when it advances towards opposition.

Jupiter has one of the largest solar systems and the giant planet is looming closest to Earth in 70 years.

Stargazers can witness this phenomenon from the viewpoint of Earth's surface during the span of Jupiter's opposition.

Jupiter remains in opposition for 13 months when the planet seems to be bigger and brighter than than ever.

The opposition places the Sun and the object on opposing factions of Earth.

Jupiter's closest approach to Earth seldom occurs with opposition since neither planet orbits the Sun in a complete circle.

When Jupiter is at its furthest distance from Earth, it'll be around 365 million miles away and the planet is 600 million miles from Earth when it is at its outermost position in its orbit.

If you have quality binoculars, you should be able to make out at least the center band and three or more of the Galilean satellites.

Researchers are hopeful that further investigation of Jupiter may provide ground-breaking insights into how the solar system came into existence.

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