iPhone Users Soon Be Able To Sync iCloud Photos With Windows 11 PC

By: TechTalkCounty

Microsoft unveiled a ton of impressive hardware during its Surface-focused event last night.

The company also revealed a significant update that would please many iPhone users who use Windows PCs.

It announced that the Windows 11 Photos app would work with Apple's iCloud cloud storage service.

In short, it means that after syncing data from iCloud, users will be able to view iPhone images and videos on Windows PCs.

Users previously had a number of options, but they weren't all seamless when it came to viewing iPhone images on a Windows PC.

For instance, the iCloud for Windows app allows Windows users to obtain a copy of their iCloud Photos.

The most recent innovation would make the experience much more seamless - similar to what Mac users would experience.

The feature is available to Windows testers on the Insider Programme.