iPhone 14 Pro: Features We Would Want To See

By: TechTalkCounty

Every year, Apple introduces a new iPhone, and in 2022, everyone will be eagerly waiting the debut of the iPhone 14 series, especially the higher-end Pro models.

As Apple is known for saving its best features for its most expensive products.

So, here are some essential features that, in our opinion, Apple should add to the iPhone 14 Pro in order to elevate it to the status of the year 2022's ultimate flagship.

Titanium Body Apple can use a titanium alloy frame instead of polished stainless steel, which would significantly reduce the weight and resistance to fingerprints of the phone.

More Megapixels Since the 2015 release of the iPhone 6s, Apple has continued to use 12MP cameras. If Apple wants to reclaim the top spot from Android flagships, it should include a 48MP sensor in the iPhone 14 Pro.

MagSafe 2 We'd really want to see the second-generation MagSafe on the iPhone 14 Pro which can transfer data at speeds of up to 20W.

256GB Storage on the Base Model Apple raised the base capacity of all iPhone models to 128GB in 2021, but we believe that the base storage of the Pro models should be increased to 256GB this year.

Thinner Bezels and a Hole-Punch Cutout Apple hasn’t moved on from the dreaded notch since the iPhone X in 2017. Although a hole-punch cutout, similar to those on Android flagships, would be ideal, Apple needs some room to house the Face ID hardware, so a pill with a hole-punch design seems plausible.