iOS Top Features Every iPhone User Should Know

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Android and PCs user can now participate in FaceTime calls. By clicking a link provided to you by someone with an Apple device, you can join a FaceTime call on an Android device or a Windows PC.

Android and Web-Based FaceTime

You won't be distracted throughout the day if you use Notification Summary, which allows you to specify specific times for your unimportant notifications to be delivered, such as in the morning and the evening.

Notification Summary

Safari tab groups were included by Apple in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey. You can categorize and group your open tabs, including websites for work, shopping, entertainment, and more, using tab groups.

Tab Groups

Apple has enhanced Siri with iOS 15, making the digital assistant faster and more powerful than ever—even without an internet connection.

On-Device and Offline Siri

Live Text enables you to copy and import text from images onto your device. If you take or save a picture that has text in it, you can use Live Text to copy and paste that text into any app on your iPhone.

Live Text

Translate is now system wide, so any text that you select anywhere in iOS can be translated to or from another language. You can even opt to take the translation entirely offline if you wish.

System-Wide Translation

You can now track all of your health trends over time in the new Trends section of the Health app. This way, you can quickly determine whether you're exercising less, if your heart rate changes, if your oxygen levels decline, and more.

Health App Trends

Cross-app drag and drop is implemented in iOS 15 so you can use your finger to grab photos, links, files, and highlighted text excerpts before dragging them from one app to another.

Drag and Drop

Inside look

Inside look

Inside look

Inside look

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