How To Stop Spam Calls On Android

By TechTalkCounty

June 28,2022

How frequently do spam calls annoy and irritate you on your Android device?

Here are a few ways for blocking spam calls on Android.

Block Calls Using Apps

Using applications like TrueCaller and Hiya to prevent calls is one of the main ways that millions of people safeguard themselves from spam calls.

Blocking Spam Calls Manually

Open the dialer on your Android device and choose the spam caller's phone number. To stop the spam caller, choose "Add to blacklist" from the option that appears.

Allow Calls From Saved Contacts Only

The Do Not disturb mode has to be turned on in the settings menu. After turning it on, go to the Allow Calls section and choose All Contacts.

Register On DND

By entering your phone number on DND registration websites particular to mobile operators, you may significantly minimize the amount of spam calls you get.