Graphic company NVIDIA hold the reigns of AI innovation owing to its unparalleled hardware & software solutions.

This tech giant leveraged GPUs and their parallel processing abilities which are currently its primary revenue source.

NVIDIA developed a Deep Neural Network Library, CUDA, which facilitate high-performance GPU acceleration.

NVIDIA Tesla GPUs designed to accelerate AI, HPC and graphics ushered a new era of global innovation.

NVIDIA propelled the spread of AI across a multitude of industries through partnerships and collaborations with institutions and researchers.

NVIDIA’s hardware solutions are sought after by major cloud providers like Amazon, Alibaba, Microsoft, etc. generating a fortune of data center revenue.

NVIDIA powers AI research with its advanced GPU technology and is the one-stop solution for training complex neural networks and fostering innovation.

NVIDIA also caters to the autonomous vehicle industry with its AI and GPU technolgoies.

NVIDIA's GPU sale in the gaming market has made an indelible mark in the professional visualization industry.