Hidden iPhone Features Everyone Should Know

– By TechTalkCounty

You can access Control Center's widgets with only a down swipe even while your iPhone is locked by adding your favourite and most used widgets to it.

Customize your iOS Control Center

When Back Tap is turned on, you can use double and triple finger taps on the back of your phone to perform a variety of time-saving and accessibility features, much like trackpad gestures.

Use Back Tap for extra iPhone controls

The little keyboards on phone screens can be a hassle for even those with the smallest hands. Simply press and hold the space bar on your iPhone's space key to convert the keyboard into a trackpad.

Access the iPhone's hidden trackpad

You can quickly and effortlessly drag and drop a picture, video, or even a PDF from your files into an app like Notes or Messages using the drag and drop feature.

Drag and drop files and photos between apps

The Spotlight search tool is really helpful when you need to find anything quickly. You may now instantly access Spotlight from your lock screen with iOS 15.

Search anytime, anywhere using Spotlight

Face ID can now be used while wearing a mask thanks to iOS 15.4. You may now toggle whether you wish to use the feature while wearing a mask in the Face ID & Passcode section of Settings.

Enable Face ID when you're wearing a mask

Use the Background Noise option on your AirPods to play relaxing background noise, including as rain, streams, ocean waves, and white noise, if you need to relax.

Turn on background sounds to ease stress

You can drag and shift many apps at once on the iPhone, which is one of its most useful little-known features. This makes it possible for you to quickly clean up your Home Screen.

Rearrange multiple apps at once