By TechTalkCounty

Hidden iOS 15 Features You Need to Use On Your iPhone Now

With every update, iOS adds a tonne of new features, but not all of them are easy to find.

Here are some iOS 15 hidden features that you need to know.

Focus Mode

Block messages that aren't relevant to what you're doing by using Focus Mode. With options like Work, Sleep, or Personal in Focus Mode, you can focus on your work without being interrupted.

Share Play

While in a FaceTime chat, users can share activities like watching movies and listening to music with their friends using SharePlay.

New Memoji Customisation

With iOS 15, Memoji now has more ways to be customised, including new eyeglasses, multicoloured headgear, and different eye colours.

Visual Look Up

Use Visual Look Up on your iPhone to identify the things in your images. Information about well-known sites, flora, literature, and artwork may be found via Visual Look Up.

Live Text Copy Paste

With iOS 15, user can extract text from images to use for phone calls, emails, translation, and web searches.

Record App Activity

Users can find out which apps are accessing their personal information, including as location, pictures, camera, microphone, and more, by using the new OS's "Record App Activity" feature.