Here’s How To Free Up Gmail Storage Space

By: TechTalkCounty

Gmail is one of the most popular apps for sending and receiving emails. It is utilized for both personal and professional purposes.

Google offers 15GB of free storage with each Gmail account, but many users find this to be insufficient.

Your inbox may be filled with hundreds of emails if you've signed up for multiple services and even use the same email address for work.

Here we will be looking at the best and the easiest way to help free up space in Gmail.

Delete all of the spam emails in your account is the best way to free up space in your inbox.

Similar to this, go through your draft folder and delete any messages that are unnecessary.

You can also batch-delete the data by selecting all of the messages in the box on the promotions or social page.

Another way to free up space in Gmail is by checking the file sizes and batch deleting them once all the big files come together.

After completing this task, remember to clean up the trash folder.