Geoffrey Hinton, dubbed the "Godfather of AI," quit his job at Google after learning about the risks posed by artificial intelligence (AI).

Hinton cautioned that AI poses a threat that is more "urgent" than climate change in a recent interview.

Hinton thinks there is still a way to stop climate change, but he is unsure of how to stop the dangers of AI.

Hinton cautions that AI's ability to learn "unexpected behaviour from vast amounts of data" could have disastrous effects on humanity.

According to Hinton, companies and individuals might permit AI to generate and run its own code, which could pose a significant concern in the future.

AI could soon surpass human intelligence, warns Hinton in another interview with MIT Technology Review.

Large language models have up to half a trillion connections and GPT-4 knows hundreds of times more than one person, says Hinton.

Hinton further says that we need to start thinking seriously about the potential consequences of creating machines that are more intelligent than humans.

As the AI technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, it raises important questions about its impact on society and the ethical implications that come with it.

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