By TechTalkCounty

Features Apple ‘Borrowed’ From Google’s Android OS

iOS 16 is here, and it delivers a slew of major new features to Apple's operating system, including a few that Android users who have been using similar functionality for a while will recognise.

Google's brilliant ideas almost always show up on iOS at some point, so here are iOS 16 features that Apple ‘borrowed’ from Google and Android.

The new lock screen customization experience, which allows you to add widgets to the lock screen for quick glances.

Experience a new lock screen:

Although the new lock screen on iOS 16 looks great, it's a feature that first appeared on Android in 2012 with the release of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

The iPhone's camera has now made it easy for iOS users to translate text in captured images. They only need to open the Camera app and aim at the text they want to translate.

Translate camera:

Die-hard Android users will instantly recognise this feature which is available via the Google Translate app.

Live Captions is another feature that was added to iOS 16 and is already available on Android which lets you transcribe any audio content in English on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, including FaceTime calls, video conferencing apps.

Live Captions:

People will be able to schedule and undo email sending using iOS 16. Google originally included this in Inbox, an experimental version of their Gmail alternative.

Undo/schedule sending of emails: