Earth Rotating Faster; Meta Joins Fight Against Leap Seconds


The speed at which the Earth is rotating has been confirmed by experts. The shortest day ever observed by scientists at the National Physical Laboratory in England was recently recorded.

This was confirmed on June 29. On July 26, nevertheless, there was another short-day span that came after it. The 24-hour day is 1.59 milliseconds shorter on June 29 than it is on other days.

The 29th of July, on the other hand, was 1.50 milliseconds shorter. Naturally, a lot of experts were worried because this rotational change may be caused by significant environmental changes.

The most recent article from Ars Technica claims that Meta made the decision to join other tech giants in calling for the removal of leap seconds.

The tech giant, in a blog post on its official website, stated, "At Meta, we're supporting an industry effort to stop future introductions of leap seconds and stay at a current level of 27."

The company also stated that it would be dangerous to add more leap seconds because doing so would do more harm than good and new techs should replace them.

The recent leap seconds imposed already affected various online platforms. A lot of websites shut down in 2012 as a result of the abrupt time change around the world.

The engineers at Meta explained that Facebook and other internet services may be severely impacted by negative leap seconds, or shorter periods of time than usual.

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