Dodge Launches New Charger EV Model (Review): Details Here

By: TechTalkCounty

The Charger EV, the latest car from Dodge, an American automobile, is eerily identical to the Charger.

The latest model, which is likely to be withdrawn the following year, is said to be more powerful and louder than the old one.

The new Charger model is an electric car that resembles the fuelled Charger version in terms of looks and sound.

Although the new EV will be on the market in the coming years, the fueled model is likely to be taken down next year.

Although the price of the most recent version was not made public, the company did show its features and design.

The unveiled Dodge Charger was somewhat reminiscent of the original Dodge in terms of specs and design.

The car's specifications include an 800v propulsion system, which allows it to go at greater speeds than the previous Hellcat.

The elements include, among others, the glass roof, the R-wing, and the aerodynamic shape.

A 12.3-inch touchscreen, a 16-inch instrument display, and an 8*3-inch HUD are all located within the car.