iPhone 14:

Countries Where You Can Buy Cheaper iPhone 14

By TechTalkCounty

The craze for Apple's iPhones is a growing phenomenon.

All iPhone 14 models will go on sale starting September 16 except for the iPhone 14 Plus, which will launch in October.

Apparently, the iPhone 14 will be available for purchase in October.

The Apple iPhone 14 will cost a minimum of Rs 79,900 in India. 22% customs taxes and 18% GST are included in the pricing of iPhones sold in India. Here are the countries you can buy at the cheapest other than India.

United States

The Apple iPhone 14 series will be the lowest in the United States. The starting price of the iPhone 14 series is approximately Rs 63,601.


Canada is the next country on the list of countries that provide iPhones for less than India. The iPhone 14 series will have a starting price of about Rs 67,068 in Canada.

Hong Kong

Also, Hong Kong sells iPhones for less money than India. In Hong Kong, the starting price of Apple iPhone 14 series costs approximately Rs 70,010.


The starting price of an iPhone 14 series model in Singapore is about Rs 73,893, which is cheaper than the cost on the Indian market.


The starting price of iPhone 14 series models cost roughly Rs 73,711 in the UAE.


An iPhone 14 can be purchased here for less money. The price of the iPhone 14 in Malaysia would start at about Rs 73,992.


An iPhone 14 can be purchased in Japan for as little as Rs 67,000.