Best Ways To Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

By TechTalkCounty

1. Run a speed test

Perform an internet speed test to check what kind of internet speeds the router is receiving. You might have a problem with your ISP if you're not getting 5 Mbps at the very least.

2. Make sure you're connected to the 5Ghz band

Use the 5GHz band rather than the 2.4GHz band whenever you can if your Wi-Fi router has two or three bands.

3. Reposition your router

If your router passes the speed test but your Wi-Fi is slow or frequently goes out, it may simply be placed incorrectly. Solid objects can interfere with Wi-Fi signals instead go for large open space.

4. Update your Wi-Fi router's firmware

Wi-Fi performance could be severely hampered if its firmware hasn't been updated in a while. Therefore, update Wi-Fi router's firmware regularly.

5. Switch to a less congested channel

If your router has a mobile app, check it out or log into the admin control panel to see if you can try switching to a different channel to see if it helps.

6. Make sure there are no Wi-Fi freeloaders

It's entirely possible that neighbours are connecting to your network and using your bandwidth if you aren't protecting your Wi-Fi network with a secure password.

7. Upgrade your router, or add extenders

If your home is very big and your router is still in working order, you might want to add Wi-Fi extenders. These small, inexpensive gadgets boost Wi-Fi signals, expanding the coverage area inside your home.

8. Get an external antenna

The built-in antennas in Wi-Fi tend to be weaker than external ones, and you can't replace them either. However, most router manufacturers allow you to attach an external antenna to make the signal stronger.