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Best Instagram Apps To Make Your Post Stand Out

By: TechTalkCounty


Snapseed is a fantastic free Instagram app that lets you adjust brightness, add curves, or modify the shapes of buildings. Even entire elements can be totally removed.

A Color Story

One of the most innovative Instagram posting apps for businesses, it allows you to keep every post in line with your overall brand image.


The best part of using VSCO is the ability to add special filters, contrast, and grain to your photos and videos, giving the impression that they were shot on film rather than a smartphone.


With this app, you can erase objects like street signs and trash cans, as well as people from the background and meshes from the foreground.


This is a good app for professionals who require quick and high-quality RAW and high-resolution photo editing.  It can give smart style suggestions based on the colour scheme, exposure, and many more.


What make this app unique are the presets (custom filters) that you can buy from other creators, download, and use in just one click. Our fave for maintaining consistency in your Instagram feed.


PicMonkey might be the ideal option for people searching for a really simple solution that offers a variety of ready-made filters and editing tools.


Canva is an extremely popular tool not only for social media content creation, but also for graphic design in general. Its templates, elements, and photo effects give you a variety of ways to create and edit graphics.